31 Mar 08.21.-25. FINTECH WEEK NEW YORK

Fintech Week New York is a week-long, content rich event to unite New York’s Fintech ecosystem with an national and international audience.
Their event format is unique in that it creates something for everyone. The week is anchored by a series of niche conferences on Blockchain, Capital Markets, Banking/Insurance, and Money/Payments. The conference is fast paced, with a diverse group of speakers and panelist. Plenty of networking is built into the event and every evening there’s either a meetup or drinks reception to keep the dialog going in a casual setting. With their partners, they also run an exhibition, workshops and a hackathon as part of the week. The Fintech Week creates a unique festival experience great for getting people together and fast-tracking innovation, connections and insights. Get in touch to get involved.

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Information Overview

Date: 21st-25th of August 2017

Location: New York, USA

2-for-1 Full Conf Pass-Earlybird: EUR 466,94 / USD 449 / GBP 400.45
Full Conf Pass – Ealrybird: EUR 841.09/ USD 899/ GBP 721.57
Full Conf Pass – Standard: EUR 1290.41/ USD 1379/ GBP 1106.79

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