Recap: Lubbers De Jong F5-Session on AI

21 Feb Recap: Lubbers De Jong F5-Session on AI

F5-session by Lubbers De Jong: AI is as smart as a hammer

The most important conclusion of the F5-session by Lubbers De Jong can be summarized by the above statement from Scyfer CTO, Tijmen Blankevoort. The strength of AI, some prefer to name it teachable software, is wholly dependent on the way the code is written. People have to view AI as a smart tool, which is very efficient in clear cut tasks, much like any automation process.  In repetitive processes, AI is already being used in many applications, but it still needs much human control. Nonetheless, most developers will be working with AI in the near future.

According to Robert Soetens, Director of Technology at Equiniti KYC Solutions, AI will provide their company with a powerful weapon in helping their clients with various KYC processes. It speeds up many due diligence tasks by being able to provide quick feedback on people and organizations based on lookup intelligence.

IBM, represented here by Michel Splint, Manager Developer Ecosystem & Startups, already uses AI by making preliminary advice to doctors and oncologists based on their patient files. According to Splint, AI can fix many of our problems, both simple and complicated.

To learn more about the recent sold-out Lubbers de Jong F5-Session on AI, read the full recap with key learnings [in Dutch] here.