INNOPAY releases Summer Book 2016

INNOPAY releases Summer Book 2016

Summer Book 2016 by INNOPAY

Amsterdam-based financial institution INNOPAY has published their Summer Book for 2016. The Summer Book contains latest insights on Payments, Digital Identity and E-Business based on the analysis done by their team over the past year. The book has 12 articles and also contains a Cross Word Puzzle at the end if you get bored of reading.

Highlight of the articles in the book are as under:

  • In December 2015, Interchange fee cap regulation set by European commission (EC) came into effect. The book highlights the strategic imperatives of the regulation for the acquirers. As per their research, top 10 acquirers handle nearly 68% of almost 50 billion card transactions handled by the top 40 acquirers. There is a pressure on acquirer business volume by PSPs expanding into acquirer services.
  • One article lists the six drivers of innovation that can add value to transactions in the insurance industry. The drivers are: Customer engagement, Security & Fraud, Information Technology, Insurance Analytics, Regulation and Internet of Things. It highlights the fact that Dutch insurers process a lot of transactions and in 2014, Dutch people spent EUR 73.8 billion on insurance premiums of which EUR 200 million per day was claimed.
  • The report explores the rise and power of cyber-criminals; anatomy of cyber attacks targeting the banks and defending the banks against cyber criminals. Cyber-criminals are increasing and the attempt of theft of USD 951 million at Bangladesh Bank’s account with Federal Reserve of New York in February early this year shows the highly networked cyber-criminals audacity. The book also lists some publicly known other cybercrime incidents targeting the banks such as RBS WorldPay, JP Morgan Chase and others. The experts also lists the measures that bank should take in order to defend from cyber-criminals.
  • One section provides insights on the E-invoicing and how the government in The Netherlands wants to adopt it. It lists the pitfalls and what government in doing to avoid these pitfalls.
  • Unified Payment Interface (UPI) is the future of Payments in India. Douwe Lycklama, Co-Owner and Founding Partner of INNOPAY feels that European business leaders, policy makers and regulators should follow a similar approach as UPI by India and should define European UPI.
  • Shikko Nijland, Co-Owner and Founding Partner at INNOPAY list a short summary of results of the panel discussion on API’s, Data exchange and customer implications at Money 2020 in Copenhagen in which he was the moderator.
  • Insight on the Invoive Status Tracking concept developed by Voldaan and INNOPAY. Benefits for the financiers and buyers are also listed in the article.


There are other topics such as a report on future retail city centre, a 360-degree approach towards fraud management and banks taking liability for XS2A transactions.

For more resources, visit the Holland FinTech dedicated insights page here.

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