02.02. Security & Privacy Series of Arthur’s Legal

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10 Jan 02.02. Security & Privacy Series of Arthur’s Legal

This year Arthur’s Legal organises a series of open workshops on security and privacy at their office at the Emmalaan 21 in Amsterdam. As the open workshop series will be held in Dutch, the message will continue in Dutch ;). Of course, they are also offering closed workshops, which they tailor to the queries and concerns of the specific organisation (and without a problem can provide in English as well).

Arthur’s Legal organises an open series of six Security & Privacy workshops at the Emmalaan 21 in Amsterdam. The subjects related to digital privacy and security are relevant for every organisation and professional. Therefore it is important to prepare for the upcoming profound regulation in 2018. This way we ensure that organisations stay ahead of the market and competition. This is, as they call it, ‘compliance-as-an-enabler’.

See here the Security & Privacy Series invitation with backgrounds and the program of 2017. All sessions are state of the art, high quality, actual and practical. Each session handels a relevant sub area.

Session 1: Data & Security Strategy

Everything you need to know about the strategic, pragmatic and legal approach to address the data and security principles.

2 februari 2017, 16.30 hours

You, as a member of Holland FinTech, and your own contacts are obviously more than welcome! Application is on a first-come-first-serve basis.