Exact makes corporate financing easier for SMEs

Exact makes corporate financing easier for SMEs

Exact Finance provides SMEs insights into, and access to working capital, financing and capital. According to Exact, many entrepreneurs find it difficult to find external financing. In addition, it is time-consuming for SMEs and accountings to file an application.

The first functionality of the Exact Finance allows entrepreneurs to carry out a credit assessment with basic accounting information. This makes it easier for firms to come into contact with the correct financing parties. The credit assessment- and application has been developed in collaboration with the fintech start-up Sparkholder. More functionalities will be available in the upcoming months.

Erik der Meijden, CEO of Exact added: “With Exact Finance, we digitalize a process which is time-consuming and opaque for many entrepreneurs. To achieve this, we entered into a strategic partnership with Sparkholder”

About Exact Exact is a Dutch software company that offers business software for SMEs and their accountants. They provide their services to more than 350,000 companies worldwide. Last week, we featured their acquisition of Reeleezee in our newsletter, a locally operating cloud accounting company in the Netherlands.


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