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New Interoute partnership to introduce SAAS solutions to banking sector

Interroute will join forces with Montran Corporation and HWG to provide customers a solution that allows them to cope with an increasingly regulated financial sector.

International cloud platform and services leader Interoute announced that it will work with payments and infrastructure provider Montran Corporation and with security specialist, HWG. The partnership aims to combine the global private cloud network of Interoute with HWG’s security expertise, to allow customers to use Montran’sSoftware as a Service (SaaS) applications. By offering on-demand infrastructure solutions through the cloud, customers receive the opportunity to adapt to a dynamic financial services landscape. Montran’s payments solutions can work as a complete package or as a staged and scalable solution for banks.

Keith Esca, business development manager at Montran, says,

“We have partnered with Interoute and HWG because they can provide a secure cloud performance needed for processing direct payments from some of the world’s largest central banks and clearing institutes. In addition, the functionalities are easily scalable and adaptable to meet regulatory requirements. For example, take PSD2. These laws and regulations require banks to make their customer data available to third parties through open APIs, and force banks to handle high security standards. The Interoute cloud, monitored by HWG, gives access to our services and provides additional security by third parties providing a single access point to the cloud for the open APIs of the bank.”

Montran is the world leader in designing and implementing payment, clearing and settlement systems. The company offers a complete line of integrated payment solutions for the financial service industry, such as global payment systems and automated clearing house systems.

At the base of the Montran platform, the Interoute Virtual Data Center (VDC) cloud is a global integrated software-defined network and cloud infrastructure with 17 cloud zones around the world. Interoute VDC provides public, private and hybrid IaaS solutions within the global private network and is an ideal base for flexible, scalable SaaS products. The private network architecture means an inherently secure cloud platform in which existing investments in technology and data storage can be integrated without having to rewrite applications.

Montran’s SaaS solution uses a “Security by Design” concept provided by HWG K-SEC. This solution provides faster compliance and improved scalability of performance. K-SEC is based on a range of advanced detection features, combined with innovative techniques that teach computers to detect and neutralize unknown threats. HWG provides a security and support centre available 24 hours a day to control the entire infrastructure for payments and manage applications for the customer.


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