Sentiance and FibriCheck collaborate on heart rhythm disorders

Sentiance and FibriCheck collaborate on heart rhythm disorders

Holland FinTech member Sentiance, along with FibriCheck, announced the collaboration on Wednesday, November 22. The goal of the partnership is to uncover the contextual and behavioural signals influencing heart rhythm disorders. The fruits of this work could give doctors added insight into the causes of cardiac arrhythmia, thus providing information needed to prevent future occurrences.

Sentiance is a company that uses sensor data, like that from a smartphone or smartwatch, to predict and provide context for how people behave. FibriCheck develops certified medical apps for smartphones.

Due to the fact that smart devices can provide a wealth of biometric data, they can play an important role in understanding why people behave the way they do, particularly when the technology is paired with expert analysis. Lars Grieten, FibriCheck’s CEO, remarks, “Imagine what you could learn from your patients. To date, there hasn’t been such a unique collaboration where you combine all the powers of the smartphone for the benefit of the health of the user.”

FibriCheck uses a smartphone’s camera to measure pulse at the fingertip, assessing a person’s heart rate and if there is any potential for a heart rhythm disorder. This information is shared with doctors. Sentiance, using this information, can create real-time data on what a person was doing when the FibriCheck measurements were taken, providing context for physicians.

About Sentiance

Sentiance uses an AI platform to create real-time behavioural insights from IOT sensor data. Companies use this data to engage their customers. Their technology is used for the following applications: health; mobility; insurance; connected cars; commerce; and smart homes.

About FibriCheck

FibriCheck is a software-only smartphone application, and it is the first medical certified app in Europe that detects heart arrhythmias.


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