USD 50 billion volume growth for Saxo Payments Banking Circle

USD 50 billion volume growth for Saxo Payments Banking Circle

The organisation went live with its first clients in 2016. It is a B2B financial utility offering support to banks and fintech companies. Speaking on the topic of current growth, Anders la Cour, Saxo Payments Banking Circle’s founder and joint CEO, explains:

We have developed a number of solutions to add value to the customer proposition for financial institutions and established a market leading position within Financial Tech businesses in Europe. But what is most significant is the volume of transactions that are being made through the Banking Circle.  With more than $50 billion volume currently being handled per year, there is no question that businesses handling cross border payments are capitalising on our unique approach to streamline their own operations.

The organisation’s innovation in payments has been recognised with multiple award wins over the last two years, recently earning the Best Service Organisation supporting the Payments Industry award at the 2017 Emerging Payments Awards. Saxo Payments Banking Circle also supports fintech companies navigating emerging payments-related regulations, with its FinTech Regulation Helpline service. Moreover, it offers a special rate on international fund transfers for Emerging Payments Association (EPA) Fintech ScaleUp members.        ]]>

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