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Agenda Q3-Q4 2018


While summer is in full swing we are looking forward to many fintech related events and discussions. Below we will present the foundation of our program from September onwards. We are looking forward to seeing you around. Should you have any questions or do you want to be involved in any of these events, get in touch with Renata.

Returning Concepts
Throughout the four years of running Holland FinTech we have organized over 200 events. Some of them have grown to become a tradition for many to attend. Our Amsterdam Meetup, organized monthly since October 2014 has allowed many startups to present themselves on stage and has proven to be a great network event for many. We are already working with our members to organize many more. Also the Investor Breakfasts, Fintech Vortex and Funding School will be back on the agenda this fall.

Pioneering New Ideas
We’re always looking for new ways to share your insights and create new connections. As such we will be starting some new events concepts this fall. Knowledge Bites, an event focussing on sharing insights by presenting findings from research, has been run in pilot with Innopay in June and will be held every two months. Are you keen on sharing your own findings to a fintech audience? Let us know.

In the build up to XFW18 we have hosted a walk-in session to share our plans and work with your ideas. We’ll host those informal evening sessions more often to make sure you benefit most of your membership.

Focus on Programs
As the fintech scene is broad and keeps expanding we will continue providing research and discussion opportunities for all topics, ranging from PensionTech to RegTech and InsurTech. We have already mapped out roundtables to discuss the topics and summits to present them to a larger audience in the agenda. Any topic of your interest missing, let us know? We will keep adding more next months.

International Connections
Fintech moves way beyond Dutch borders. As such next to organizing events ourselves abroad we have partnerships with big international conferences like Money20/20, DIA, Finnovate, Lendit and more.

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