Robeco Global FinTech Equities gains success in first year

Robeco Global FinTech Equities gains success in first year

Robeco Global FinTech Equities gains success in first year

The Dutch asset management outfit’s fintech vehicle saw a 14.76% gross-of-fees return on investment since its inception in November 2017. This was 10.49% above the return on the MSCI Country World Index, a commonly-used index benchmarking global stock funds.

The company made the announcement via a press release.

Robeco’s fund only invests in listed fintech companies, is available to both wholesale and retail investors, and is actively managed. The asset management company was one of the first entities to roll out a fund with the preceding criteria.

The Global FinTech Equities fund invests in companies in both developing and developed countries, and investment standards take into account sustainability.

Patrick Lemmens and Jeroen van Oerle, portfolio managers for Robeco Global FinTech Equities, noted that fintech is a global trend that will remain over the next decade, and remarked that they are “proud of the performance we’ve been able to achieve for our clients”.  They also outlined a few global trends they see in fintech: online payments becoming mainstream; fintech increasing financial inclusion; and companies in financial needing to invest heavily in tech like core systems and cyber-security in order to remain competitive.

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