Our 2019 Programme Explained

Our 2019 Programme Explained

Welcome! We’re glad you’re here and hope that this overview will give you a clear idea of how our program is structured for 2019, and how you can get the most out of your Holland FinTech membership in areas that matter to you.

5 Themes

At the Annual Member Summit, We presented the following 5 themes. These 5 themes are a reflection of what we see happening around the network, and form the basis of our work, through informing our activities on a strategic level and the topics of our key events which fall outside the scope of our other practice areas.  Consider this our vision statement!

Relevance to Society

We have long passed the time that all a company had to do was making a profit. Society and customers demand active participation to solve societal challenges, like poverty, financial literacy and global warming, and that each business is run according to current social standards, reflected in vivid CSR.

Security & Trust

In an ever growing digital world, we find that there are increasing security threats and fraud cases, threatening the trust in the economy and financial system. How to collaborate to protect our common interest and keep our clients confident and safe.

Beyond Compliance

New regulations create a severe burden on market participants, just like regulators are experiencing increased demand to support innovation. RegTech and SupTech enable parties to turn the challenges into an advantage.

Data Is Everything

More than ever we are we gathering data and using it to fuel business decisions and growth through AI, deep learning, machine learning etc. It is key is to understand how to maximise the value of data, and use it to serve customers better, in accordance with regulations and expectations from customers.

Customer In Demand

Dialogue with customers is changing and an increasing number of service providers, has no direct client access. How is this changing the game and what do you need to comply with current customer expectations.


Key Events

You’re used to coming to Meet Ups, Knowledge Bites and Insights Sessions, and seeing the agenda populated with topic level events.

Some events don’t fit in one category or are interdisciplinary – so we’ve also pinned  6 Key events in our annual plan, which are great places to meet up and connect with fellow members and learn more about important topic areas that further the network’s voice. These are larger, multi-focus events, aimed at tying our program together.

7 February 2019

Annual Member Summit


31 May – 7 June

Amsterdam FinTech Week around Money20/20


19 September

Fintech Vortex


17 October

Financial Inclusion Summit


1 November

Pensiontech Summit


29 November 

HFT 5-year Anniversary 


10 December 

Rise of Regtech Summit

Practice Areas

We realise that our network membership base is broad and that not every topic is relevant to everyone. To make sure you are able to quickly select what is relevant to you, we’ve boiled broad categories down into specific interest areas. For 2019, the practice areas in which we’ll be hosting activities are listed below. On our events calendar, you’ll be able to filter for events by these practice areas.

RegTech / SupTech

This area focuses on innovation within regulatory and supervisory technology –  think realtime dashboards and automated reporting. We also look at key regulations in this area such as PSD2, GDPR and Mifid II.


We explore how the law and technology intertwine with cutting edge topics, such as smart contracts and AI counsel.


Harnessing technology to improve a service we all rely on – retirement.


Exploring new models for Insurance that are in line with current market expectations and abilities


The digital landscape is a wild frontier and we dive deeper into how to keeping your data, and business, safe.


The way we pay has radical implications on customer experience, B2B relations and in an extrapolated way, society at large.

Alternative Finance

Taking small companies from being ‘unbankable’ to fully financed, alternative finance offers innovative solutions through novel approaches such as crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending.

Future of Banking

We look at rapid developments in the technological and political space are accelerating change in the financial sector and what this means for the industry at large.


Keeping the customers at the centre, offering bespoke financial management services to the masses is enabled through technologies such as AI, smart nudging and app based personal banking. We explore the effect of these developments on financial services.


Providing Corporate services in the digital age has unique challenges but also provides opportunities to combat abuse, such as online identity verification and realtime tax reporting.

Asset Management

Sometimes out of the public eye in absence of a retail access point, capital markets influence everything from commodity prices and political considerations. We look at how technology can help maintain stability in a volatile and hyper-connected world.


Mentoring and advise to scale your company across all borders.

Corporate Innovation

We look at how to deal with innovation, given regulations, corporate culture and legacy systems.


Exploring how to help you how to build an excellent team and find the right people.

All of these Practice Areas have events specific to them. Keep scrolling to read about our topic based events structure.

Practice Area Events: A Structured Approach

How do we listen to you?

Before each practice area kicks off, we’ll host a Foundations Roundtable, where we’ll bring together active players in each area and ask for specific feedback on relevant topics. We will then publish a short report, the Industry Outline Report, in which we will highlight sector specific observations.

Foundations Roundtable –  This event, structured as a roundtable will include stakeholders from each respective practice area and map out industry viewpoints, challenges and opportunities to inform the work stream for the year.

Industry Outline Report –  This is a short report produced by Holland FinTech, before the Foundations Roundtable, providing context for the priority areas and collaboration opportunities as defined during the consultation and supported by additional market research.

How do we act on what you tell us?

We want to make that no matter what practice area has your interest, your ability to engage is aligned with network offerings. To ensure uniformity across our offerings, we have divided our work tracks into 4 core components that we will apply to each Practice Area.

Regulations & Compliance

This track focuses on regulatory and compliance topics, as well as business ethics and value chain liability.

Cloud Tags: Regulatory compliance, CSR, public-private co-operation, ethics

Customer Experience

This track looks at various aspects of UX, CJ, and customer centricity through creating/managing customer expectations.

Cloud Tags: UX, Customer Journey, customer centricity

Technology & Data

This track looks at innovative technical solutions, both current and future – and explores the impact of these technologies on both people and business.

Cloud Tags: Data analytics, robotisation, AI, Blockchain, machine learning

Innovative Solutions

This track looks at the components of running an innovative business, from holistic solutions integration to talent management.

Cloud Tags: Governance, Pitches, Solutions, Talent

We will use these tracks to structure events in each Practice Area. Events in these tracks will be titled clearly to make sure you are aware of the topic at hand before you register. 

Why can’t I see an overview of all the events coming up this year?

We want to make sure that we capitalise on the flexible nature of our network.  This means that we are always trying to make sure we work with the best partners and hosts for each event. We strive to make sure  that at any given point, you’re able to see events scheduled for the upcoming two months, with the exception of the key events listed above. For a realtime overview of events coming up, click here.

Bringing it all together

We’ve had the meetings, it’s the end of the year, what’s next?

We’ll produce a Wrap Up Report for each practice area, synthesising information that was presented during the various touchpoints in a practice area, presenting a holistic view on the state of practice in a certain area.

Let us know what you think!

Please let us know if anything remains unclear or you have any suggestions!

Send us your thoughts at:


We are looking forwards to working with you!

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