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Rundit, rounding up investors

The investor reporting tool provider Rundit, has announced an investment round to help expand their offering to encompass a holistic investor relations and connections platform. They are aiming to facilitate reporting and communication services for the entire investment management cycle, from pre-investment to exit.

Rundit currently boasts a user base of over 1000 angel investors and start-ups, over 70 VCs globally, and 90% of the VCs in its birthplace, Finland. Investors are able to track the progress of the start-ups in which they invested, who are encouraged to post regular updates and communicate information from a multitude of internal platforms to their investor network.

Pekka Viilto, Co-founder of Rundit, has earmarked a service that will allow start-ups to build a ‘diary’ to share with investors they have invited to follow them, and suggest relevant investors for them to connect with. The next wave of announcements are not limited to the pre-investment stage either, as the company unveils plans to encompass the entire lifecycle of the investment. A partnership with Danske Bank is pegged to allow the Danish bank to enlarge their loan offerings to growth companies, and create exit opportunities for Rundit users.

Already distinguished from competitors by their commitment to the entire lifecycle of a company, these latest announcements signal that Pekka and Rundit “know exactly what all of their user segment want,” but are merely lacking “more man-power to deliver”. They have opened a funding round seeking EUR 4 million to capitalise on an investment market that “is growing like crazy, as becoming an angel investor seems to be the new norm”.   However, Pekka laments that the current investment landscape in Europe doesn’t rely on enough data points to: “Truly enable the success stories to become sky-rocketing companies, and the failures to be realised more quickly. Rundit’s data-sharing driven service will help both of these scenarios to create more business.”

Please contact Rundit for information about their services, or their recently opened funding round.

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