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Accesserator opens investment opportunity for sustainable financially minded

Operating with a unique vision for sustainable finance, Accesserator helps develop Malawian SMEs by bringing a more traditional angel investment mentality to a landscape often funded by charities and similar initiatives.

The Accesserator founders use their combined experience in entrepreneurship and business processes to partner promising Malawian SMEs as they provide knowledge, advice and capital to help develop local sustainable enterprise. They invest in projects screened and evaluated by the UNDP (United Nations Development Program), who match Accesserator’s USD 8,000 with an additional USD 40,000. Accesserator retain a 30-40% stake in the SMEs, and have a five year fixed exit strategy to ensure they can reinvest returns in promising new entrepreneurs.

The current crop of SMEs that have already been screened and approved by the UNDP include:

  • Truss: certified MVP to produce bricks from plastic waste.
  • Wijays: post-revenue enterprise that sells organic soap to households.
  • Infinity: certified MVP to produce briquettes as sustainable energy source.
  • Honey Products: post-revenue enterprise that sells bee hives and honey.

To fulfil this standing partnership with the UNDP, Accesserator must source their USD 32,000 contribution, and are looking for investors interested in sustainable financial investment with a fixed five year duration and 3% return.

If you’re interested in participating or learning more about their partnership with the UNDP then please contact Accesserator at: or view their letter to investors here.

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