Payments ‘Dream Team’ to enable Klarna’s “buy now, pay later” at AliExpress

The convergence of three leaders in payments technology (Klarna, Adyen and AliPay) has been marked by an initial partnership that will see the popular “Buy now, Pay later” service offered to AliExpress shoppers across the Netherlands, Germany, and Austria.

Klarna, the hugely popular “smooth” Swedish bank focussing on a whole range of digital financial services (and can name Snoop Dogg amongst their investors), will “provide [their] convenient, flexible and popular Pay later option, allowing their shoppers to get their goods before they pay,” which according to Michael Rouse, Chief Commercial Officer at Klarna, “is just the first phase of this partnership and we look forward to expanding this to additional markets with Alipay, Adyen and AliExpress very soon.”

Adyen is the payments provider behind both Klarna’s pay later option and AliExpress, and the key to deepening the connection between European consumers and the Chinese online retail marketplace.

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