Bittiq launches “vrije ruimte” financial planning feature

Bittiq launches “vrije ruimte” financial planning feature

Bittiq is a company that gives its users better insights into their expenses and provides them with action points on how they can save their money.  Recently, the financial well-being company announced the launch of their vrije ruimte feature within their app. This feature allows users to see how much discretionary spending they have.

As knowing how much money one has left after necessary expenses is an important part of personal finance and financial planning, Bittiq’s vrije ruimte feature calculates how much room, or “ruimte” a person has to spend using data from previous spending habits, like fixed costs and how much people save. This calculation makes it easier for people to budget.

Sometime this June, Bittiq users will be able to take advantage of vrije ruimte, which will automatically analyse data from any and all of their connected bank accounts.

Bittiq created the functionality after feedback from hundreds of users that still user multiple tools to straighten out their personal finances.

Bittiq’s functionality also includes giving users the opportunity to shop for better deals on subscriptions and other fixed costs, such as energy.

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