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Finturi Guest Blog: FinTech companies are essential to provide SMEs with easy access to finance

Despite FinTech’s relatively short existence in the Netherlands, no less than 31 percent of Dutch SME entrepreneurs expect FinTech companies to take over the position of banks within five years. This is evident from a survey of the SME financing platform October among 1,059 Dutch entrepreneurs. Two-thirds of all respondents say that in the area of corporate finance, there has been too little innovation in the traditional bank in the past five years.

Eugenie Casier, Director at Funding Options Netherlands, a leading marketplace for business finance says, “In our process of finding a suitable finance product for entrepreneurs, we scan the market. We support a healthy SME space and our focus is always on finding the best solution for the customer. Government initiatives can be beneficial for SMEs. However, they are not the only solutions available to them. And as the altfi market has proven time and time again: plenty of customers find their perfect match in the commercial alternative finance space.”

Although many FinTechs are emerging in the Netherlands that serve a different spectrum of business finance, Finturi is such a FinTech that is growing rapidly. Finturi has an innovative financing solution for SMEs. At Finturi, accountants, advisers and SMEs know within 30 minutes whether their company is eligible for financing. After this, the sales invoices of customers are financed within 24 hours. Finturi uses blockchain and artificial intelligence to make invoice finance secure, low-cost, quick and easy.

“Finturi is a fantastic addition to our lender panel. Not only is Finturi a provider in the factoring space, the company also makes very effective use of fintech solutions. Because of the unique way in which the product is built, Finturi has been able to remove a lot of friction points along the entire customer journey. We place great trust in the added value they give SMEs because of their fintech-enabled, customer centric approach,” added Casier.

Hans Hameetman, an accountant at 216, who recently helped one of his clients with invoice financing said, “The process was simple. I sent an Audit File to Finturi. Finturi calculated my client’s financial health score and confirmed their suitability. My customer then onboarded himself on the platform, uploaded the invoice and received a loan.”

In the current scenario where companies need financing to get back on their feet, solutions like Finturi can play an important role, Hans added.

After receiving approval from the AFM at the beginning of this year, Finturi also recently announced the launch of a special module for financial advisers and accountants. Using this module, financial advisers and accountants can check the suitability of their clients, invite their clients to the Finturi platform and easily check the status of the loan application.

“Finturi really believes that financial advisers and accountants are the professionals who bring companies into contact with the right financial parties and that is why we want to work with them to make financing available to businesses,” said Johannes Brouwer, CEO of Finturi.

Read more about Finturi here

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