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Informer shares experience on private-public partnership


Applying a systematic approach to integrating legal requirements into automated tasks and processes is key to what made this collaboration happen. Informer has developed its accounting software in such a way that entrepreneurs who do their bookkeeping in Informer automatically comply with the rules: ‘compliance by design’. Through the independent platform Zeker-Online, the Dutch Tax Administration has given every software developer the opportunity to participate in a pilot in which various projects were tested. These projects are designed to simplify the automation of compliance rules. Once the projects have been successfully completed they will be made widely available. 

Who is Informer?

Making self-accounting accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises is what Informer stands for. Informer believes that every successful entrepreneur needs to be in control of their own administration. Informer is here to help them!  By means of the latest innovations in accounting, informative webinars and a professional helpdesk, every entrepreneur can do their own smart accounting in Informer.

Innovations in accounting

Safe and fast e-invoicing through Peppol

So how does Informer make accounting easy for entrepreneurs? One of the many solutions that makes accounting in Informer easy is e-invoicing via Peppol. Peppol stands for “Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line”. It allows companies to exchange (international) online invoices through a special secure network. The invoices can be sent quickly and easily, system to system, and thanks to the identity check, entrepreneurs are no longer bothered by fake invoices. The invoices that end up in the administration in Informer via the Peppol network are automatically processed in UBL. Just like the Dutch Tax Administration, Informer believes it is important that the administration of entrepreneurs is always correct and up-to-date. Because these invoices are automatically UBL-processed, errors can be avoided. The Netherlands Peppol Authority (NPA) is an independent regulator and ensures that the authorized service providers adhere to the Peppol agreement system.

Data exchange through ‘RGS Brugstaat’

The many different account schemes in the Netherlands make it complicated for entrepreneurs to exchange data. Moreover, errors arising from the exchange of data are often difficult to trace for the tax authorities, because it is not always clear where the error originated. The ‘RGS Brugstaat’ is therefore the solution to this problem. The RGS is one standard scheme that simplifies data exchange between, for example, an accounting program, reporting software and tax return software. The standard format of the RGS Brugstaat ensures that everyone can supply general ledger balances in the same format, with RGS coding, which creates a closed chain. This makes it possible to transfer data from InformerOnline based on RGS to tax return software.

VAT declaration and payment with iDEAL with 1 push of a button

Doing VAT returns is now even easier for entrepreneurs. As soon as entrepreneurs process an invoice or receipt in their bookkeeping in Informer, the VAT return is automatically updated. InformerOnline places the VAT amount directly in the right place in the tax return, so entrepreneurs always know whether they need to pay VAT or whether they will receive an amount back from the tax authorities. 

At the end of the period, entrepreneurs send their tax return to the Tax Office in just a few clicks. Logging into MijnBelastdienst is no longer necessary as the return can be done in a few clicks directly through the secure connection in InformerOnline. After an extensive overview of the calculations, the tax return is translated into the official Tax Office form. Entrepreneurs can then send in the tax return and pay for it directly with iDEAL.

Accounting assistance from the Dutch Tax Administration

An error-free administration for entrepreneurs is a goal that Informer, tax service providers and the Dutch Tax Administration strive for. When entrepreneurs want to book an amount on a certain item, it is important that this is done without errors. By applying a systematic approach, errors can be avoided in the administration of entrepreneurs in Informer. Informer has teamed up with the Dutch Tax Administration to add accounting assistance to the bookkeeping process. This makes the tax return of entrepreneurs ‘right from the start’. When entrepreneurs process an invoice on, for example, the item ‘business clothing’, Informer shows them the rules and conditions related to this item. Entrepreneurs thus receive advice from the Dutch Tax Administration through their bookkeeping in Informer, which highlights the quality of administration. 

Free support subscription

The Dutch Tax Administration offers support to software developers for digital messaging, because it has to meet certain requirements. As the Dutch Tax Administration considers it important to minimize the number of errors in digital messaging, they support these software developers by helping them to meet these requirements. 

To use these services, entrepreneurs need the free support subscription. You can sign up for this subscription at:

Find out more about Informer here.

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