Weekly Analysis and Opinion Highlights – 17 May 2021


For this analysis & opinion piece, we give you an overview on blockchain in capital markets, fintech startups in pre-IPO stock, the future of e-commerce, the future for banking, digital enabled net zero economy. Happy reading!

Blockchain in capital markets: Here’s what we’ve learned after 5 years of experimentation (World Economic Forum)

Ben Weisman, Project Lead at World Economic Forum and Roy Choudhury, Managing Director and Partner at BCG, highlight that many financial institutions and tech firms have invested in exploring distributed ledger technology (DLT), moving it from the margins to the mainstream. There are inefficiencies, challenges and potential risks to what underlies global capital markets and the key question is whether DLT is the appropriate tech to address them. Read more 

Is buying and selling short positions in pre-IPO stock next? This fintech startup is banking on it (Techcrunch)

Connie Loizos, writer at Techcrunch, emphasizes the quick pace of deal making in the first quarter of 2021, where startups are routinely closing new rounds just months apart and sometimes seeing their valuations triple and even quadruple with every new round. The conversation between Caplight’s co-founders shed light on how Caplight overcame hurdles to operate its business, and how it attracts buyers and sellers to the platform. Read more

The Future of eCommerce (Datafloq)

Aakrit Vaish, writer at Datafloq, underlines that advancements in AI technology, specifically Natural Language Understanding (NLU), offer brands a far more seamless and sophisticated means of engaging customers. Furthermore, conversational commerce will be the future because it delivers convenience, personalization and decision support while people are on the go, with only partial attention to spare. Read more

SNL was a good night for Elon Musk — and a bad one for Dogecoin (Protocol)

David Pierce, editor at Protocol, reviews the session of Saturday Night Live hosted by Elon Musk. The star of this episode of Saturday Night Live was Dogecoin, of which price promptly collapsed, dropping nearly a third before recovering slightly. Read more

Fintech Innovation Roadmap to drive a digital enabled net zero economic recovery (Innovate Finance)

FinTech Scotland is developing a ten-year business-led research and innovation roadmap which will support the growth of Scotland’s digital economy and development of fintech innovation across the UK. The roadmap is being developed in collaboration with the Global Open Finance Centre of Excellence (GOFCoE), which is believed to advance the FinTech Scotland Cluster in a number of ways, including financial inclusion, net zero and well-being, and global reputation for fintech innovation. Read more

Creating connections: the future for banking (Fintech Futures)

Matt Phillips, Head of Financial Services at Diebold Nixdorf, dives into bank branches in the UK and shifting consumer behaviours as a result of the Covid-19. According to Matt Phillips, consumer experience is always key, but now it’s about creating the connected, seamless experiences that consumers expect. The technology is already in place, meaning that digital banking is not prohibitive to human interaction and vice versa, so finding that delicate balance is key. Read more

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