Weekly Research Highlights – 18 May 2021


Stay up to date with the latest fintech figures! Dive into the latest statistics, ranging from internet safety and data privacy, ESG, global banks’ market capitalization, cryptocurrency, digital payments of small and micro businesses in Mexico, to the European InsurTech sector and more. Have a good read. 

Millennials and Gen Zers are most likely to fall for phishing emails (Atlasvpn)

According to data analyzed by the Atlas VPN team, millennials and Gen Zers in the United States are more likely to fall for phishing emails than their older counterparts. In total, more than one-fifth (23%) of people from Generation Z and the Millennial generation have been tricked by phishing emails in the past. The numbers are based on the report which surveyed 1,666 US adults in November 2019 and additionally 1,834 US adults in February 2021 (3,500 in total) to find out how they view internet safety and data privacy. Read more

Global banks’ market capitalization recovers to almost pre-pandemic levels (

In a recent survey conducted by Finbold, findings indicates that the market capitalization of all global banks has increased 47.9% between Q1 2020 to Q1 2021 from €4.9 trillion to €7.3 trillion. Between the last quarter of 2020 and Q1 2021, the market cap surged 18.5%, signifying the impact of post-pandemic recovery measures on the banking sector. Furthermore, the top 100 banks worldwide have recorded a 43.5% increase in capitalization between Q1 2020 to Q1 2021. Read more

Fact Check: The Truth Behind Five ESG Myths (Visual Capitalist)

The study shows that throughout 2020, investors allocated over three times as many assets into environmental, social and governance (ESG) ETFs than in 2019. However, 33% of professional investors surveyed feel they have insufficient knowledge for assessing ESG issues. Therefore, this paper dispels five common ESG myths to help investors understand this growing trend. Read more

Global Report on Women, Cryptocurrency and Financial Independence (The Defiant)

According to a recent study, the total number of global cryptocurrency users has surpassed 100 million for the first time. The highly specialized crypto landscape is increasingly diverse. Exchange platform surveys indicate women make up 15-55% of crypto users, depending on the region. Moreover, 36% of research participants said they originally became interested in cryptocurrencies because of the underlying technology. Read more

Beyond the product: How industrial goods providers improve their competitive advantage with servitization (

This paper explores the solution for industrial goods executives to navigate their individual servitization journey and offers nine imperatives to guide the way from understanding the business value, over defining the strategic basis, to building the required operating model required for a successful transformation into a service-centric company. Read more

Adapting to Survive: New Study Reveals the Importance of Digital Payments to Small and Micro Businesses in Mexico (

This report explores how businesses, development initiatives and the communities which serve low- and middle-income countries, are building greater resilience for a post-pandemic future. The research also uncovered an interesting nuance around digital payments and gender. Results show that female business owners were more likely to emphasize the safety and security of digital payments than their male counterparts. Read more

KPI On The European InsurTech Scene (

This report presents an overview of KPIs for the European InsurTech industry. Aspects analysed are: investments in EU InsurTech startups, InsurTech investment alongside the value chain, cumulative number of InsureTech deals in EU, cumulative InsureTech investment in EU, and The $50M+ European InsureTech Club. Read more

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