Weekly analysis and opinions highlights – 12 July 2021

For this week, we explore analysis and opinion pieces, and bring you the newest updates from the fintech world. We take a closer look at new financial services offerings, such as the integration of AI in financial services, near-zero-knowledge ecommerce, cloud native storage, risk management, cybersecurity. Enjoy reading! 

A paradigm shift towards Near-Zero-Knowledge e-commerce (

Vincent Jansen, Constantijn Molengraaf and Leon, employees at Innopay, emphasize that Near-Zero-Knowledge (NZK) e-commerce could allow e-commerce businesses to structurally reduce their cybersecurity costs, minimise reputational damage caused by data breaches and increase digital trust while offering the same user experience and revenue potential as today. Moreover, since e-commerce businesses work with numerous specialised partners and providers, the personal information they accumulate is often shared and thus duplicated. Read more

Cloud Native Storage: Why It Should Matter to Banks and Fintech Companies (Global banking and finance)

Alex Chircop, Founder and CEO at StorageOS, highlights that cloud native environments allow developers to decouple their applications from their infrastructure, mix and match IT resources, and deliver new services to market in a much shorter time frame. They also provide developers with automation, scalability, and self-service capabilities for their applications while maintaining a self-healing IT infrastructure. Read more

Tips to Navigate Top Risk Factors for Banks in 2021 (

Craig Sanders, partner with Moss Adams, draws a plan for continuity and disaster recovery after the pandemic. Key improvement areas include plans to: Formalize remote work procedures, educate and train employees, provide the right tools to staff, ensure the bank’s IT infrastructure can adapt in a crisis. Read more

Data Considerations for Successful Deal Integration (

Gill Hundley, Chief Administrative & Risk Officer at KlariVis, underlines that whether your bank is considering buying or selling, it has never been more important to evaluate whether your data house is in order. Unresolved acquisition data challenges can result in poor customer experiences, inaccurate reporting and significant inefficiency after the merger closes. In a merger, the sooner that data is combined, the earlier decisions can be made from the information. Read more 

Leading by Example: How Insurers Can Manage Cyber Risk Within Their Own Operations (Insurance Journal)

Elizabeth Blosfield, editor at Insurance Journal, dives into the protection of insurers when it comes to cyber risks within their own operations. Technological change is happening so quickly. The organized crime ecosystems are developing in these economies, developing so quickly, that the insurance industry probably needs to step up its game in terms of responding with speed and with focus on this issue. Read more

Emerging markets and the compliance challenge (Finextra)

Adrien Antoni, Head of Compliance at Thunes, takes a closer look at the numbers for correspondent banks, the emerging markets where remittance and cross-border funds are a vital lifeline for households and businesses. He also answers the questions of what the opportunities and risks are in emerging markets, if there are gaps in the correspondent banking system, and how digital innovators are coming into the picture to solve the problem. Read more

Fintech and AI: Future-proof technology for finserve (

Joana England, writer at Fintech magazine, explores the key driver behind the usage of AI technology in the financial sector and detects significant trends and challenges for AI integration. In a world where it’s possible to capitalise on the abundance of market and alternative data, the challenge is to develop a new predictive system for a set of assets that improves on algorithms currently used by the portfolio manager and makes it easy to move from prediction to portfolio construction. Read more

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