Weekly Research Highlights – 16 November 2021

For this week’s research article, we dive into new insights on Bitcoin, fintech leaders, economy, blockchain, biometric automation in finance and more. Happy reading!

Fintech. Top 100 Leaders 2021 (Fintech Magazine)
This publication lists 100 top leaders, innovators and influencers in Fintech industry. Research took 6 months to be accomplished and more than a 1000 candidates were reviewed to come up with only 100 most successful ones. Each thoroughly deserves their place, yet so many great names had to be excluded. The full list and some other insightful information could be seen here.

Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) 2021 (European Commission)
The Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) monitors Europe’s overall digital performance and tracks the progress of EU countries in their digital competitiveness. It represents findings on Full Economical Analysis 2021, Human Capital 2021, Digital infrastructures 2021, Integration of Digital Technology 2021, Digital Public Services 2021, The EU ICT Sector and its R&D Performance 2021, Research and Innovation: ICT projects in Horizon 2020 for more than 25 countries. Read more.

Blockchain technology Market size to increase by USD 6.25 Bn | Technavio’s Research Insights highlight Increase in FinTech Spending as a Key Trend (Yahoo Finance)
According to the research report “Blockchain Technology Market – Forecast and Analysis Report 2021-2025“, the market is expected to have a YOY growth rate of 19.00% in 2021 and is supposed to grow at a CAGR of over 32% between 2020 and 2025. North America is the largest market for blockchain technology. The increasing adoption of blockchain technology by governments for voting and to enforce stricter regulations on the purchase and possession of weapons such as guns is creating significant growth opportunities for blockchain technology providers in North America. Read more.

Attractive Opportunities in Blockchain Technology Market by End-user and Geography - Forecast and Analysis 2021-2025

Facing up to the Future: Biometric Automation in Banking (Finextra)
This report shares advantages of biometric authentication in banking over less secure passwords, as they are now well understood. Biometric measures such as fingerprints and face verification not only help to reduce fraud and financial loss for banks and their customers, but they make transactions more convenient and faster for users. As a result, consumers the world over have become accustomed to the merits of biometrics. Read more.

The Investor’s Perspective on the Bitcoin Taproot Upgrade (Coindesk)
This report will expand upon benefits and risks of Bitcoin in order to provide a backdrop for
it as a technology investment. In addition, it will discuss how upgrades have historically
been implemented on the Bitcoin network. To many investors, bitcoin represents a new and exciting aspirational store of value. Bitcoin’s potential to become a store of value has earned it the label, “gold 2.0” and “digital gold.” Read more.

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