Weekly Analysis & Opinion Highlights - 20th September 2021

Weekly Analysis And Opinion Highlights – 5 September 2022

And we’re kicking off the week with new analysis and opinion on investing, open banking, metaverse and more. Dive into the latest fintech insights and have a great start of the week!

Making Smartphone Lifecycles as Smart as the Devices (Fintech Magazine)
Today, carriers are “fighting over price,” and he believes in a different approach; giving customers a truly differentiated experience. “Once the customer is happy, everything else falls into place”, he says. MCE transforms moments of truth across the device lifecycle – from set up, to service and care, to upgrade and trade-in. Examples range from transferring the customer’s data and settings to their new phone, and wiping the old phone securely, to diagnosing, servicing, and maintaining the new device to extend its lifecycle, to trading in, upgrading, and finally repurposing the phone for a second life. Solutions come as a standalone app, and web pages, or are fully integrated into myOperator app/web applications and frontline systems. Read more

The Ethereum Merge Is Almost Here. What Could Go Wrong? (Decrypt)
It’s been awaited for half a decade, delayed for years, praised, condemned, tweaked, and so its developers say, perfected. Ready or not, here comes Ethereum’s long-anticipated merge. But, given the technical feat that it is, is there any risk of something going terribly wrong? The merge—Ethereum’s transition from a proof-of-work system to proof of stake—is set to occur between September 10 and September 20. During this historic upgrade to the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, upon which well over half of all decentralized finance activity is built, could your funds and NFTs go missing, or your favorite apps stop working? Read more

How mortgage lenders can unlock data and help bridge the housing gap (Fintech Futures)
Homeownership is undoubtedly the most significant driver of generational wealth in America. However, faced with further economic uncertainty, it is now far from guaranteed for the current generation of homebuyers. Millennials make up the largest home-buying demographic, but account for the lowest homeownership rate of any generation. There’s still a hangover from the financial crisis of the late 2000s and mortgage credit remains tight, and now a borrower’s credit score is one of their largest barriers to securing a home loan. Read more

Virtual fintech: How can banks become Metaverse ready? (Fintech Magazine)
Manish Patni, Lead Product Manager, Europe – Finacle, discusses the steps fintechs and banks must take to successfully enter the Metaverse. Metaverse is considered the new frontier technology that combines augmented and virtual reality to create an environment that is digitally simulated. Though still in its nascent stage, gaming, media, and the entertainment industries have already made great inroads into the metaverse. Many other industries, especially banks and fintechs, are now trying to exploit the rapidly evolving technology that is both immersive and synchronous. Read more

Just do it? (Fintech Futures)
Have you ever wondered how millionaires are born? By pure luck? By grit, as many in the start-up world would say? Or simply by making smart decisions with your retirement plans, as I have heard from a wealth manager recently? It is easy enough, they say. Just max out your 401(k) and take advantage of the matching contributions that your employer offers. Just like that. That’s how most Americans become millionaires. At least according to the wealth manager. According to the Capgemini World Wealth Report 2022, the number of millionaires in the US increased by 13.5% from 6.6 million in 2020 to 7.5 million in 2021. Read more

The IMF needs a new toolkit to help Ukraine (Euromoney)
Ukraine’s recent debt restructuring agreements with international bondholders give a better prospect of returning to market once its war with Russia ends. But the IMF – more used to pulling countries out of purely economic crises – faces a policy challenge in assisting a country at war. The IMF may have to rethink its toolkit if it is to provide Ukraine with the help it needs, according to Yuriy Butsa, Ukraine’s government commissioner for public debt management. Read more

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