Top Dutch News – 28 February 2024

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Adyen & Billie: Delivering BNPL to More European Businesses (Fintech Magazine)

Adyen has partnered with Billie to bring Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) services to European businesses. This collaboration allows Adyen to address B2B commerce challenges by leveraging Billie’s B2B payments solution. Merchants on the Adyen platform can now offer pay later by invoice, providing business buyers with a 30-day deferral option while ensuring timely payments for merchants upon shipment. The integration aims to modernize B2B payment processes, reduce credit risk, and ease administrative burdens for Adyen’s B2B sellers. The integrated solution is already live in select European countries, with plans for further expansion. Christian Grobe, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Billie, is excited about enabling merchants to grow their customer base and navigate new markets. Read more

500 million for Amsterdam academic startups: the new dream of Rockstart founder Oscar Kneppers (mt sprout)

Oscar Kneppers, director of the Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship, unveils his plan for Caempus, aiming to boost academic startups in Amsterdam with a €500 million fund. Kneppers envisions Caempus as a startup community, similar to his previous venture Rockstart, focused on generating hundreds of startups annually from Amsterdam’s wealth of research and creativity. The plan involves creating a fund of €150 million, sourced from academic stakeholders, regional government funds, family offices, and crowdfunding. Kneppers aims to build a cooperative model, fostering long-term growth for academic ventures and avoiding the pitfalls of short-term profit-focused models. The ultimate goal is to establish a Stanford-like effect in Amsterdam, attracting talent and investment. Read more

Biller is now NOTYD (

Biller, the well-known ‘buy now, pay later’ brand, officially changes its name to NOTYD as of October 30. The transition has been communicated to webshops, partners, and consumers, with official social media announcements in December. During December, the NOTYD name and logo will replace Biller in the checkout process. The complete transition, including a new website launch, will be finalized in early 2024. NOTYD, part of the Danish Banking Circle Group since 2021, focuses on simplifying B2B e-commerce transactions, providing instant credit and guaranteed payouts for enhanced business opportunities. All contractual rights and obligations remain unchanged despite the name change. Read more

Brussels frustrates Dutch anti-money laundering project ‘Transactiemonitoring Nederland’ (TPO)

Brussels obstructs the Dutch anti-money laundering initiative, Transactiemonitoring Nederland (TMNL), imposing stringent conditions under new European regulations. The collective money laundering investigation faces limitations due to the pending European Parliament approval of a law prohibiting banks from jointly scrutinizing customers without valid reasons. Privacy advocates, including the Dutch Data Protection Authority, view this as a victory against mass surveillance. Minister of Finance Steven van Weyenberg acknowledges TMNL’s non-compliance with the evolving European anti-money laundering framework. The specific impact on TMNL remains unclear, and experts consider the minister’s communication cryptic. The broader implications extend to the Dutch anti-money laundering proposal, contingent on a new government. Read more 


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