Holland FinTech Board

Enabling fintech to power an inclusive and sustainable global economy through a thriving ecosystem in the Netherlands

We have worked hard to support your interests over the past 6 years:

  • Scaling as a business and growing internationally
  • Digitally transforming business- and operational models
  • Brand exposure and thought-leadership
  • Upskilling of workforce and hiring
  • Connecting to business & strategic partners
  • Building sustainable relationships with regulators and supervisors

Working groups & committees fuel the board on strategic topics 

New Governance Holland FinTech 2.0

Holland Fintech Board Members

What can you expect from the Holland FinTech Board?


Board is accountable to members and supervises the executive team, working groups & committees.

Working Groups

Working groups fuel the board on collective strategic topics and report directly to the Board Members.

Core Values

Committees are member groups that help the executive team with delivering on its core value themes: Collaboration, Transformation, Impact, Representation.


Continuous feedback allows the board to adjust programme execution, and intervene where necessary.

Biannual Summits

The Board will inform to all members on their progress during a mid year member event, in January and September


Close alignment with industry associations on digital finance, based on topics proposed around the main Core Values.