2021 Financial Crime Tech Recap
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Dec 2021

2021 Financial Crime Tech Recap

Complimentary webinar, presented by the ACFCS Dutch Chapter

Technology is a key enabler in the prevention and detection of financial crime. Join the 2021 Financial Crime Tech Recap to stay up-to-date on the latest technologic developments and innovations in the field!

The ACFCS Dutch Chapter has invited three highly innovative companies from the Dutch FinTech ecosystem to present their latest innovations and cutting-edge technologies. Let’s discover which innovations can enable you to be more effective in the fight against financial crime!

During this session, the following cases will presented:

• Web IQ: Explore how open source intelligence (OSINT) automation can be used in the fight against fraud and money laundering. Learn how manual web searches to verify and enrich customer profiles can be automated through automated adverse web analysis.
• Securely: Explore how elegant mathematics can be used to predict cyber and fraud attacks and how you can continuously calculate the effectiveness of your controls. Learn about the build-up, and the modus operandi that current attackers use to set the stage for many forms of exploitation, and what you can do about it.
• Blanco: Explore how technology can transform your KYC requirements and the customer master data management from a burden to a business opportunity. Learn how the symbiosis between men and machine can add value to your business.

The presentations will be followed by a panel discussion. You are invited to ask questions, share your experience and challenge our speakers!

During the event you can look forward to:

• Practical use cases for the presented technologies and innovations
• An open and safe environment where compliance peers can share their knowledge and experiences.
• Insight on what the ACFCS Dutch Chapter offers the professional community.

In this webinar you will learn:

• About the latest trends and developments in Financial Crime Technology
• How technology can enable more effective financial crime prevention and detection
• How you can use open-source information automation as part of your fraud and anti-money laundering processes
• How you can use mathematical models to predict fraud and security attacks
• How you can add value to your business with your KYC processes
• How technologies and innovations can be used in practice

2021 Financial Crime Tech Recap

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