Member spotlight: Able

22 Jul Member spotlight: Able

Able is a very experienced soldier of our Fintech troops. From their headquarters in Reeuwijk, South-Holland, Able deploys its high end wealth management software EuroPort+. Able was formerly named Syntel, which was founded more than three decades ago in 1980. The name Able was introduced in 2013. The signature software EuroPort+ is a well-known product among leading banks in the Netherlands; currently represented by an impressive set of clients; Aegon, ING, Insinger de Beaufort and Nationale Nederlanden.

The EuroPort+ platform offers all-in-one solutions enabling comprehensive stock trading, fund trading, savings and payments for both private and retail banking operations all running in the cloud. Their dedicated Agile teams are characterized by technical expertise and extensive knowledge of the Dutch financial industry.

By collaborating closely and in innovative ways with partners and clients Able makes sure to keep track of the latest industry developments and provides precisely crafted and high standard services for every client. Mark Verheijen, CEO of Able, is conscious of the high demands of the wealth management and banking industry: “Able operates in a fast paced environment where new technologies and business models are competing over the best solutions. We believe that with the complexity of asset management; structuring portfolios and placing high volumes of orders, it is necessary to have one platform that can manage everything at once. When a big financial organisation has multiple divisions where processes are already deployed on different levels, digital information management can sometimes become inefficient. A software solution like EuroPort+ can ensure a very clear (infra)structure and form the technological foundation of a modern bank.”

Mark said that “since a few years Able decided to open up and guide the firm with an innovative growth strategy towards being a leading player in wealth management software in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. These goals are realistic and achievable because Able relies on its experience and trustworthy reputation.”

“In the past Able was not always taking into account the relevance of external publications and communications. Now is the perfect time to show the face of Able; online, offline and to all specific stakeholders. Becoming part of the financial network of Holland Fintech is part of this strategy. Since a couple of weeks Able has signed on as an official member of Holland Fintech and the team is looking forward to show what Able is capable of,” as Mark Verheijen stated during the interview.

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