Member Spotlight: Basefarm

30 Mar Member Spotlight: Basefarm

Basefarm is a Northern European managed services provider for mission critical IT that was founded in 2000 in Oslo, Norway by seven dedicated founders who are still all committed to Basefarm until today. Basefarm is a market leader in the Nordic region with three offices worldwide, in Norway and Sweden and a third regional office in the Netherlands opened in 2011. Currently, a staff of 400 serves hundreds of customers hosting mission critical applications with top-tier security reaching millions of end-users over the globe. Basefarm offers multiple cloud solutions (public, private & hybrid) both from six own data centres and public cloud vendors with exceptional availability, security, development, and quality. Moreover, the deep understanding of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI/DSS) and as a Level 1 PCI DSS Service provider, Basefarm is the right partner for organizations that demand high security and data protection levels (confidentiality).For this week’s spotlight we spoke to the experts of Basefarm that make this firm an exceptional technology provider that sets the bar high in its field and being the IT partner of choice for many financial companies with mission critical applications

Ronald Tensen, Marketing Manager, at Basefarm: “One of the most distinctive assets we have as a managed service provider is that we have compliance protocols deeply integrated in all levels of our firm. Through our services we ensure that mission-critical business solutions always are available. With technical expertise and advanced infrastructure we make sure an organization can run its applications smoothly and safely. Next to building our products we like to build up profitable relationships with our clients with a personal and agile approach. Our Dutch team is very compact and operates completely agile which makes the customer interaction direct and efficient. This approach often results in business success, benefitting the end-user of our clients. This also makes us a reliable partner to grow your (online) business, we have been guiding and growing many customers into solid scale-up firms.”

Being more than 15 years in business, Basefarm has supported many starting companies with their online activities. Such experience and expertise is hard to find nowadays and makes Basefarm unique. Basefarm mainly focuses on companies and scale-ups that want the fastest time-to-market and the best technical guidance for their applications along the way. Basefarm always assign a customer team for every client who collaborates directly with the customer on a daily basis.

Financial mission-critical business applications, requires the highest data protection measures. Patrick Tahiri, Security Compliance Officer at Basefarm tells us how Basefarm coaches its clients based on the PCI/DSS standard: “For many organizations the PCI/DSS standard is unknown territory. PCI/DSS is a framework standard designed for the payment card industry with security controls (more than 400 points to comply with!) to protect cardholder data and avoid data breaches. Basefarm has already obtained experience with many payment service providers (PSP/Payment gateways) and assures its clients the highest level of compliance and security by intensive guidance and training. We see Basefarm as the ultimate coach for PCI/DSS and are offering this expertise directly to our customers. . We are looking to expand this role in the fintech ecosystem as many fintech firms hold vulnerable data and are struggling with maintaining compliant in an evolving landscape full of threats.”

Stefan Månsby, VP Innovation at Basefarm: “At Basefarm we look how technology can make a business perform at its best. We help organizations to streamline their workflows and make their compliance processes completely automated and accessible. We helped Norwegian Airlines to deploy their applications on our infrastructure. Our high services availability ensures that the planes will fly, because without Basefarm, their airplanes stay on the ground. As organizations have to take care of their core business, we come in and take care of everything under the hood, especially in the financial services industry. We are the leading hosting and application manager for PSP’s in Scandinavia and manage the environments for leading firms such as Dutch accounting platform Exact, after pay portal Klarna , Payex and virtual administration tools like Reeleezee .  We are investing heavily in automated compliance procedures as we firmly believe this can boost the performance of an organization. ”

Ronald Tensen: “We are glad to be part of the thriving fintech community and are looking forward to provide more insights to the organizations who are urged to ramp up their compliance and infrastructure. It all depends which applications you are running and which choices you are going to make. We at Basefarm can help you with that.”

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