Member Spotlight: Connective

06 Apr Member Spotlight: Connective

Connective, your accelerator for digitisation

Today´s organizations are pushed for operational excellence and offering better user experience. At the same time regulators continue to reinforce compliance requirements making digital processes a balancing act. Connective empowers these businesses to convert these typical document driven internal and external processes into an unparalleled digital experience.

The way consumers and business transact with their suppliers is rapidly changing. The fundamental changes that have taken place in the taxi (Uber) and travel industry (booking platforms, Airbnb) start to have their knock on effect in other less developed areas. Processes like customer identification, authentication, onboarding and contract management are often hindered and delayed by the need for employees or customers to physically sign paperwork or come into the branch to complete account opening. Hence, finding tools that allow them to digitally design, generate, collaborate, exchange and sign documents and data is topping the technology agendas in every industry.

Through all-in-one but modular software solutions, Connective accelerates digitalization and empowers these companies in their digital race. The Connective Digital Transaction Management (DTM) suite includes smooth and secure client onboarding, the flexible generation of dynamic digital documents, the extended approval processes of digital workplace and the collection of legally binding eSignatures. 

Pioneer in Digital identification & e-signing

Securing the digital identity is a critical component for digital online transactions, certainly in industries that need to comply with strong legislation. The Belgian eID has been an interesting showcase how this government-led initiative can act as a catalyst for transforming business processes. Whether you would like to digitally identify an individual or sign documents in a non-repudiative way, the .beID has proven to be a secure and robust solution. In a few years Connective has grown its market share to the point that the majority of Belgian banks and insurance companies are using the Connective software on a daily basis.

Thanks to their Belgian roots, Connective enjoys a head start in the Netherlands in terms of digital identification and signing. Elements like security, user experience and integration with major platforms  have steadily evolved based on client feedback. The significant uptake in the Dutch market confirms this and fuelled by new identification and authentication methods, it is expected that the market will see continued growth.

Signing with iDIN: soon a permanent fixture in digital transaction management

Let´s take iDIN, an initiative of the Dutch banks, as an example. The purpose of this initiative is to make it possible for customers to identify themselves to other organisations by using the secure & trusted login-methods of their own bank. With iDIN these customers are no longer burdened with the need to provide separate passwords or authentication methods for logging into a wide range of online services. These services could include insurance providers, banks, online webshops and many others. iDIN has become integral part of signing methods offered to clients so clients can pick and choose the right signing method the related use case. The introduction of iDIN and other identity services will lead to new opportunities when it comes to Digital Client onboarding, signing and client interaction.

Following Mickey Vonckx, Managing Director of Connective in The Netherlands: “We see interesting developments in the Dutch market. The combination of promising bank-led (e.g. iDIN), government-led and other initiatives and improved collaboration between market participants will boost innovation and digital services. Digital Identity is a key element in order to conduct business digitally; locally but also in the European context (eIDAS). Holland Fintech provides an excellent platform to boost these collaborations. Also the RegTech space represents an interesting opportunity to bring this to a higher level. Gladly Holland Fintech is bringing parties together and is starting to let this initiative grow as well. With a stronger network of international relationships it can also sharpen the international focus. Digital innovation doesn’t stop at the border and also here cooperation will be key to flourish ideas and drive innovations.”

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