Member Spotlight: Fundipal

28 Oct Member Spotlight: Fundipal

IMG_78071Fundipal presents an overview of all crowdfunding platforms for business finance in the Netherlands. It is completely free to use and connects businesses to the right crowdfunding platform. Currently, the Dutch crowdfunding market consists of 40+ crowdfunding platforms aimed at financing small and medium enterprises. Fundipal was launched in 2015 by the crowdfunding consultancy firm Douw&Koren, headed by Simon Douw and Gijsbert Koren.

Gijsbert Koren, founder of Fundipal & co-founder of Douw&Koren: “The idea of Fundipal started more than a year ago with a simple website aimed at visualising the current crowdfunding landscape. Many of our clients reached the point where they had to ask the question: ‘Which crowdfunding platform should I use? There are so many options!’ With Fundipal, we decided to make a complete and transparent overview of all platforms out there.” Today, Fundipal has grown to an in-depth comparison platform which structures all crowdfunding platforms on several characteristics such as campaign success rate, pricing and industry focus.

Crowdfunding has gained a high amount of interest in the last couple of years. Everyday small business owners are considering crowdfunding as financing method, whereas more and more individuals are using crowdfunding as an investment opportunity. However, the denomination ‘alternative financing’ still applies to crowdfunding and is thus not yet that commonly accepted. Koren: “At this point in time, most business owners with a financing need perceive crowdfunding as being too innovative. With Fundipal, we try to make crowdfunding a regular finance option. Therefore, we are also glad to have joined Holland Fintech, because Holland Fintech is really putting alternative finance on the map and giving it a serious face.


Crowdfunding can either be a source of finance, or it can be way more than that. Koren: “If you are just looking to raise money, crowdfunding can be the fastest way to get going, with interesting conditions: Fundipal is the best tool to select a platform. If you are looking to connect with your network, clients and ambassadors, you can also use crowdfunding, but mind you: this requires a lot of dedication and time. Presenting your plan and funding requirements on a crowdfunding platform does not get you there. A business owner needs to prepare the process step-by-step to unlock the potential of their network in order to increase the investment rate.”

Note that not all crowdfunding platforms are a good fit for every business. Each provider has its own benefits in the context of your company. Fundipal helps to find the perfect match. Fundipal offers advice to business owners who want to use crowdfunding. We match these entrepreneurs with experienced finance experts who help them get funded through crowdfunding. Our aim is to become the for crowdfunding, by matching entrepreneurs to the right crowdfunding platform and expert.