Member Spotlight: GlobalOrange

05 Aug Member Spotlight: GlobalOrange

Sometimes it takes just one room, two brains and a couple of laptops to build something special. That is how GlobalOrange started a decade ago. Now, after 10 years of hard work and devotion, this Amsterdam-based company is proudly delivering projects to both start-ups and well established corporations like PwC, XPO Logistics, Aegon or the Municipality of Amsterdam. Having a number of successful products in their portfolio and satisfied customers, GlobalOrange is not slowing down. Their BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) is to get into the top 3 leading software development companies of Europe focussed on driving business innovation for Fintech and Healthcare. With such a big dream and promisingly increasing demand, Yvo Gortemaker, Managing Director of GlobalOrange, sees a bright future for the organisation. Asked about the imminent plans for GlobalOrange, he answered “Our mission is to make our client’s business a truly successful one, always aiming to deliver competitive advantages to make them stand out from the crowd. We believe that with our help it is more than possible and that very success drives us to improve, develop and continue delivering the best solutions regardless of clients’ often complexed requirements.”

Indeed, there is nothing better than a happy client for the company’s morale. But what makes those clients satisfied and brings them to GlobalOrange? Yvo Gortemaker comes with a quick and concise answer: “Customers come to us when standard software is not good enough, usually when the software is business critical”. GlobalOrange uniqueness is based on three pillars. First of all its Strong Business Sense — GlobalOrange acts as a true technology partner not just another supplier. They enjoy complex problems and strongly think along with the clients, tailoring a product according to their individual needs and vision. Secondly, GlobalOrange provides a Wonderful User Experience. They believe that the success of an application is greatly determined by its user experience. However, when it comes to designing the user interface, traditional software development companies focus mainly on functionality and information whereas so called “Full Service Agencies” focus on branding and usability. GlobalOrange strives to excel in all the four aspects. The third pillar is Future Proof Technology — the choice of technology, its architecture and code quality determines the performance, security and scalability of any application. GlobalOrange’s approach to software development enables rapid application development based on advanced world-wide standard technologies.

Among many clients, which were lucky to test the performance of those three pillars, there were those connected with fintech. And here is where Yvo Gortemaker answers the last question about connection between GlobalOrange and Holland FinTech with an example: “Simpled Card! Simpled Card is one of our projects delivered to Holland FinTech start-ups members. A unique combination of corporate, self-issued payment cards, a Card Management System and a super simple app. Yet, there is more to Holland FinTech than just a vast audience of potential customers. It is a powerful knowledge sharing network and an incredible chance of experience exchange: Feedback, ideas and inspirations hub”.