Member Spotlight: Ostrica

08 Jul Member Spotlight: Ostrica

Among today’s Asset managers there exist some unique companies that are worth knowing about. This is the story about our member Ostrica (est. 1997) an Amstelveen-based quantitative Asset manager with almost two decades of successful Asset management operations. Calling it a startup would be inaccurate but at least they have the spirit of a young, personal and technology-driven company. In the early nineties, the founders of Ostrica were one of the first in the Netherlands to fully implement big data analytics into mathematic models & investment algorithms and were able to successfully outperform different benchmarks. Their methods were quickly discovered by big financials and Ostrica became part of South African banking group Old Mutual for a number of years.

Currently, after a management buy-out, three of the originally four founders are still active and Ostrica is now privately owned by its key shareholders. Ostrica serves approximately 5000 customers ranging from individuals to foundations all over the Benelux and Switzerland. The quantitative models are aimed to invest in worldwide liquid assets. At the same time Ostrica has powerful risk management formulas and strategies that enable instant reaction to uncertain events. Until now the team of Ostrica has produced above average results in all asset classes.

Since the beginning, Ostrica’s technology has always been at the core of the company. Nowadays, flashy robo-advisors are gaining ground in capital markets. But, luckily for Ostrica, experience and a proven track record speak for itself. However, Alexander Werkheim, Director of Asset management solutions, also argues that the world of asset managers is still a very conservative playing field: “If you look at the service of tailored wealth management solutions, everyone agrees that the only thing that matters to the client, is state of the art risk management and the performance of our investment strategies. You can say the end product is a bit boring while our methods and technology can be really exciting. This is also one of the reasons we started as a very inward focused company.

Our name, Ostrica means oyster in Italian. The protective shell that lets a pearl grow inside surrounded by a turbulent sea, symbolizes the steady performance of our clients’ wealth in restless markets. Nevertheless, with the rise of Fintech we started searching for a more transparent identity. Instead of having client meetings within closed shells, we wanted to show a glimpse of the pearls inside. In order to create a stronger brand, we joined the network of Holland FinTech, which has proved to be very useful. Together with other young companies offering wealth solutions, we represent the new wave of asset managers: we are a tech company with all the asset managing licenses, a personal touch and high-end technology.”