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About 22Tynx

We believe that we should simplify IT. A car is complex, however it is simple to drive. IT should be simple to use in the same fashion. Automation of complexity is key, setting up a modern architecture with minimal internal dependencies is a prime enabling factor. Lift-and-shift is just a temporary solution. Certainly not the envisioned end-state. We like to set audacious goals and then design a no-regret journey to reach these goals.

Product / Service Description

Digital transformation Digital Transformation is complex. It has many aspects: legacy migrations, cloud migrations, simplification of landscape, flexibilization of architecture by removing internal dependencies, disconnecting frontend from business logic from data, security, compliance, etc. We will guide you in making sense of these aspects, creating a fit-for-your-purpose plan that will bring you to a next level of business|IT enablement.

(interim) Management of IT We will support you when you need an interim CTO/CIO/IT director that can operate and improve the effectiveness and mindset of your departments and the employees. Creating a strategy and a roadmap that realizes the business enabling potential of IT.

IT strategy support We will support you in formulating your IT strategy in line with the business strategy of your organization, We will look into automation, simplification and innovation to effectively make the IT domain an asset for business growth.

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