Amsterdam Fintech Week

Amsterdam Fintech Week

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From Meta Fintech to Impact Fintech

Amsterdam Fintech Week 2023 Countdown


About Amsterdam Fintech Week 23

As a professional, you need to stay on top of your game. As developments are coming at you at light speed, staying there is hard work. Or is it?

This year’s Amsterdam Fintech Week (XFW), will bring together key market players, experts, investors, regulators and many more. All stakeholders will be present, and not shy away from tough conversations. There will be some serious straight talk here – what did you expect from the Dutch. 

We will discuss market developments through the lens of two unique perspectives: meta fintech, which is focused on how to use (financial) technology to make business more effective and efficient, and impact fintech, which is focused on how to use technology to have a positive impact on customers and society.

The shift from meta fintech to impact fintech represents a growing trend in the fintech industry towards using technology to address some of the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges. 

This momentum is driven by an increasing awareness of the role that the financial sector plays an essential role in helping the world with some pressing issues. There is also a growing demand from new talent, consumers and investors for products and services that align with their values. This is often captured by ESG, but we take a broader approach here. 

The rise of impact fintech provides new opportunities for companies and investors to create measurable positive impact by leveraging technology to reach and serve underbanked populations, promoting sustainable finance, and enabling new ways for investors to access impactful projects. With the war on talent still ongoing, this is where the difference is made. 

Alone you go faster, together you go further. Impact is not something organisations can do on their own. Meta Fintech is just as important, as it’s an ecosystem that is enabling and making an impact. Just like there is plain steel required to build a windmill, transactions, identities, administration, risk management might not not easily look that impactful, but they play a key role in the ecosystem. 

Let’s get together and explore this new world. 

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Why Amsterdam Fintech Week ?
XFW in short, gathers all stakeholders and players active in the ecosystem of digital finance.

Amsterdam FinTech Week (XFW) includes a full week of programming throughout the Dutch capital of Amsterdam. We gather all relevant players, stakeholders, and companies active in the FinTech scene to bring you the latest knowledge, developments, and insights through a variety of events and opportunities. You can expect a week full of events, with 2-day Summit, expo, community activities, several highly anticipated keynotes, expert panels, workshops and startup pitches. And it’s a great way to meet the key players in the field, learn from each other and do business.

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