Amsterdam Fintech Week

Amsterdam Fintech Week

Book your agenda June 4th - 11th 2021

Connecting players within the european fintech space

Amsterdam Fintech Week 2021 Countdown


About Amsterdam Fintech Week

XFW in short, gathers all stakeholders and players active in the ecosystem of digital finance.
The goal is to connect players within the European Fintech space and to involve key stakeholders to participate. While enabling the market to do it’s work, we also want to explore how we can make financial services more accessible, understandable and impactful. You can expect a week full of events, with several highly anticipated keynotes, expert panels, workshops and startup pitches. And it’s a great way to meet the key players in the field, learn from each other and do business.
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Why Amsterdam?

Amsterdam has a long history of financial innovation, from the first shares and stock exchange to the boom in payments and ecommerce. The city now is a thriving financial ecosystem, with payments, trading, asset management, insurance and supporting tech all setting the tone at global level. The Amsterdam ecosystem is well connected to the rest of the Netherlands, Europe and the world, and fintech is powering many of these connections. Time to invite all stakeholders from around the world to meet each other!
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