Funding Circle loans add €140 million to the Dutch economy

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SMEs which obtained funding through Funding Circle contributed about €7.4 billion to the global GDP and created 115,000 jobs. Next to this, they generated approximately €2.2 billion in tax income. Those are the results of the new Oxford Economics reports which measured the economic impact of loans. Highlighting the Dutch market, over €140 million was […]

ABN AMRO to enhance digital mortgage offerings with Infosys partnership

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An intricate partnership has been formed whereby Infosys will acquire 75% of ABN AMRO subsidiary Stater, and ABN AMRO will benefit from the former’s ability to accelerate the administrative mortgage services of Stater.  “While mortgages are a key product for ABN AMRO, providing administrative mortgage services is not a core activity,” says Christian Bornfeld, member […]

Alternative lending platform Funding Circle goes to Canada

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Funding Circle, a peer-to-peer lending platform emanating from the UK and now servicing Germany, the Netherlands, and the US, have their sights set on entering the Canadian market. The first to offer such a P2P platform for business lending in the UK, Funding Circle continue to help SMEs fight against unfavourable financing terms set by […]

The economic effect of alternative finance lenders Funding Circle

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Now operating across Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and the USA, Funding Circle is an alternative finance platform that facilitates peer-to-peer lending to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Founded in 2010, Funding Circle rose to popularity as an avenue for SMEs to raise funds in a period where banks were drawing back their support for […]

Mitek and Autonomous NEXT analyse European digital lending landscape

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Global identify verification provider Mitek Systems and Autonomous NEXT, which provides interconnected and independent insights on financial digitisation, have turned their minds to overviewing the threats and opportunities that online alternative finance is facing, and the scope of its influence in Europe.  While the insight highlights the UK as leading investment into digital lending, the Netherlands has also benefitted […]

Factris acquire leading Lithuanian working capital provider, Debifo

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With a 35% market share in the Lithuanian alt-lending market, Debifo is a rapidly emerging invoice financing solutions provider, and another momentous step in Factris’ pan-European strategy.  Factris are using the fintech wave to reinvent factoring, and automate the process of on-selling accounts receivables whilst maintaining a personal touch. Their CEO, Brian Reaves, proffered: “We […]

Research At A Glance: Week 48

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Financial Regulator Development Focus  by Sherman & Sterling  This snapshot is an overview of European and global financial regulatory developments. In particular, it explores the legality and effects of Brexit, an updated MiFID2 suitability briefing and the exploration by three central banks of issuing Central Bank Digital Currencies. Is Open Banking open for business? by KPMG The […]

Digital lenders could save 70% on KYC and AML costs

An Autonomous NEXT authored report released by Mitek, has targeted manual KYC and AML procedures as a major hurdle for digital lenders to overcome before competing with incumbents on price. Entitled “European Digital Lenders: How operating efficiency is helping digital lenders attack a $150 billion annual origination market across the Eurozone in 2018”, the report […]

NEOS and Schroders join forces with KKR


NEOS, the Rotterdam headquartered direct lending firm providing tailored and flexible financing solutions to businesses, has recently announced its private segment SME lending program. This is reported to be the largest program of its kind so far within continental Europe. The lending program aims to provide growth finance to Dutch, German, and Belgian businessess, with no prioritisation […]

Funding Circle featuring the news over the last week

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Funding Circle has recently filed for an IPO that could value the company more than £1.65bn. ($2.13 billion). Since the announcement of its plans to raise in venture capital funding via a document filed with the London Stock Exchange, the company has been featuring in a vast array of pieces written around the topic. We have […]