Weekly Analysis & Opinion Highlights – 22 March 2021

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This analysis article focuses on the opinions and insights from fintech industry experts. On latest news, we explore the surge in digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, the global crisis caused by Credit-Rating Agencies, customer service delivered by digital banking, and the perk of thinking beyond ESGs for startups and VC sectors. Enjoy the […]

Replay: Flash Friday – Staying Ahead of the Fintech News with Paul Scholten

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Flash Friday is a weekly live show that brings the latest fintech news and developments to the audience Today, Don Ginsel – CEO and Founder of Holland Fintech was joined by Paul Scholten, CEO at Buckaroo to share insights on the development and opportunities for the payment sector within fintech space. Buckaroo started as a […]

Research at a Glance: Week 11

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Scalability Interoperability and Sustainability of Blockchains By The European Union Blockchain Observatory and Forum What’s going on in blockchain in Europe, and what will the future of the technology look like in the region, especially regarding large-scale blockchain platforms? This paper tackles these matters, giving an overview of the European blockchain industry, issues and challenges […]

Research at a Glance: Week 10

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Early Lessons on Regulatory Innovations to Enable Inclusive FinTech By UNSGSA, Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, Monetary Authority of Singapore This report takes as its point of departure the idea that inclusive financial innovation cannot be realised without the right regulatory environment. To do this, countries employ various means including regtech for regulators, innovation offices, and […]

Member Spotlight: Givt

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Inspired by the dwindling art of giving, Sjoerd van Oort helped birth Givt, a mobile application-based solution to ‘giving’ in an increasingly cashless economy. Frustrated that people were being prevented from giving to the church donation plate, or limited by the denominations they carried with them, Givt aims to ensure this social practice isn’t lost […]

Overcoming the challenges of microfinance to reach more people

In a previous blog, we explained the importance of financial inclusion in the socio-economic development of people. In addition to access to payment and savings accounts, microfinance forms a key part of financial inclusion. In this blog, we further explore the potential impact of microfinance and the challenges ahead. By Thomas Maas & Jeroen de […]

The importance of financial inclusion in socio-economic development

Coming from a developed country it may seem like everyone has a bank account, to make payments and store deposits. However, globally only 69% of the adult population has a bank account, (62% in 2014 and 51% in 2011) which translates to 1.7 billion people lacking access to the most basic means of banking. By Thomas […]

Last call for Accenture Innovation Awards

The Accenture Innovation Awards are a year-round programme for outfits that have unique innovations that are less than three years old, have disruptive potential, and target changing society for the better. Registration for the Awards is open until July 1, 2018. The Awards seek to set up an ecosystem where all innovators can come together to […]

Week 16 – Research At A Glance

This week, we found a range of notable research on fintech growth, bitcoin and crypto crime, banking and digitization, Islamic Finance, and Asian markets. Fintech Growth Finance for Fintech -London Stock Exchange & TheCityUK This joint collaboration between TheCityUK and the London Stock Exchange gives insights into global fintech sector growth. The report is based […]