Time is almost up and so much still to do…

22 Dec Time is almost up and so much still to do…

The end of the year approaches fast and it remains hard for us to keep up with all the work coming our way. 2016 was already the second year since Holland FinTech was founded in fall 2014, so this year spans half our life so far. Our member base has grown close to 300 companies, our network way beyond 10.000 people in Fintech and we have active partnerships with 35 Fintech hubs worldwide. Our organisation has grown as well, now encompassing 13 people, working their best to empower your business in the world of Fintech.

We have had a magnificent year, in which we got so much support from our members and other stakeholders to keep on pursuing our goals. But as our mission and ambition extend to such a large ecosystem, way beyond any boundary, there is a lot of work that needs to be done with our relatively small team. And unfortunately, that means that some of our plans and tasks take somewhat more time to be completed than we would like. If there is anything that I would like to be different next year, it is to be faster to deliver on our promises. But I guess we cannot have all according to wish at once.

Should you have experienced a delay in our response or even found it hard to get in touch with us as I know it has been from time to time – my sincere apologies. We – and maybe especially me – find it hard to say no to all the great people, organisations and initiatives we encounter every day, making our workload extend way beyond a regular or even a double workload for our team. But we keep on working relentlessly to fulfil all that is required to make financial services move forward. And you and your ideas and initiatives give us the energy to do so. So please keep on feeding us with new ideas, projects, events, plans and business in the Fintech space and beyond! We will work our best to be able to keep on saying yes to all your initiatives, wishes and demands and at the same time improve our approachability, response time and quality of services.

In January we will announce some important changes and our detailed plans for next year and beyond. Especially our FinTech Society Award Gala for members will be a spectacle we look forward to. Already our draft event calendar for 2017 is online and provides you with some insights into our crowded program. But please do not hesitate to discuss any new ideas.

Enjoy your holiday period and we look forward to accelerating financial innovation and having a great time together with you in 2017!

– Don