Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Startup Banking

Member Spotlight: Startup Banking 1600 600 Holland FinTech

Combining an analytical approach to early stage startup financing backed by Jaap Dekter’s investment banking background, and a robust network…

Member Spotlight: Gremis

Member Spotlight: Gremis 1600 609 Holland FinTech

Born out of Crypto Valley in Switzerland, Gremis are communications specialists who are principally focused on converting traffic into leverageable…

Member Spotlight: Givt

Member Spotlight: Givt 1600 597 Holland FinTech

Inspired by the dwindling art of giving, Sjoerd van Oort helped birth Givt, a mobile application-based solution to ‘giving’ in…

Member Spotlight: Maven 11 Capital

Member Spotlight: Maven 11 Capital 1600 536 Holland FinTech

After noticing blockchain was largely being funded by idealistic or technically-oriented investors, Jochem Wieringa and Joost van der Plas saw…

Member Spotlight: Suburbia

Member Spotlight: Suburbia 1600 600 Holland FinTech

Alternative data for everyone: that’s Suburbia’s core belief. The Amsterdam-based company partners with start-ups to enrich their data and turn…