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State of the Dutch Fintech Market 2020

Dutch Fintech sector counts on an entrepreneurial business climate and international position to guide the sector through the Corona crisis.

Amsterdam 25 June 2020 – Holland FinTech has conducted an extensive member survey in collaboration with FinTech Aera to measure and validate the current market pulse. This research was done just before and during the peak of the Corona outbreak. The report shows, among other things, that:

  1. Companies with a strong tech component outperform in the market (Factris, Geophy and Onegini for example). In addition, the fastest-growing companies are often the younger companies, the majority of which were founded after 2010.
  2. The Top 20 fastest growing companies in the fintech sector saw a 25% growth in personnel in 2019.
  3. Collaboration should be seen as a strategic imperative to grow and increase business opportunities.
  4. Developments in open banking ensure that companies will invest heavily in App-to-app integration (API) in the coming year.

Together with FinTech Aera, the European think-tank in the fintech industry, Holland FinTech initiated a member survey to measure and validate the current market pulse, resulting in this State of the Dutch Fintech Market 2020 report.

As the fintech sector is facing uncertain times, making solid data decisions is more important than ever before. Holland FinTech, together with FinTech Aera, conducted a member survey to measure and validate the current market pulse, resulting in the report: State of the Dutch Market 2020. This State of the Market provides insight into fintech investments in the past year, the fastest growers in the market and sector trends & developments.The data presented in this insight was collected just before and just after the Corona outbreak. Since the crisis that will undoubtedly follow the lockdown will have implications for the future of the sector, we have addressed the questions most affected by the lockdown in a separate chapter. As the ‘before’ and ‘after’ date, we used the announcement of the lockdown (March 15).

Dutch State of Fintech 2020 PDF


Dutch State of Fintech 2020
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