Sustainable Finance Regulations compliance & ESG adoption: A data and technology perspective
3 December

Sustainable Finance has become a critical topic over the past few years. Proposals and regulations are being published on an international scale, companies are becoming more aware of their impact outside of their direct line of business, and stakeholders are increasing pressure to integrate environmental and ESG considerations in company strategies. Besides that, market dynamics are shifting, as green products and green investments are becoming available on larger scales.

European Fintech Navigator

🚀3..2..1.. liftoff! We are now live with the interactive European FinTech Navigator (#EFN) website! We are excited to be a strategic partner of this state of the art compass to the European FinTech landscape.

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EFN specializes in understanding various ecosystems throughout Europe. EFN benchmarks access, usage, and fit for purpose to evaluate the players and pieces of technology to understand what is happening across the landscape. As a collaboration between leading fintech organisations in Europe, and created by FINTECH ÆRA, the EFN interactive website gives your company the right tools to actively join and be part of the fintech ecosystem.

Amsterdam FinTech Week 2020 - on video

This September, XFW20 again gathered all players and companies active in the Dutch and European fintech scene - online. This full week of events has delivered some great insights and content. 

Review the line up and check out the recordings of the 20+ events!

State of the Dutch Fintech Market 2020

Holland FinTech has conducted an extensive member survey in collaboration with FinTech Aera to measure and validate the current market pulse. This research was done just before and during the peak of the Corona outbreak.

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