Landing Fintech in the Netherlands

Landing Fintech in the Netherlands
Getting started

Get a quick overview of what we have in store for you, to land or launch your fintech business in the Netherlands.

Law and Regulations

What does the regulatory landscape in the Netherlands look like and how can you best apply for a license?

Venture Capital

Get a flavor for the local VC ecosystem and read about doing deals with Angels and Venture Capital Firms in NL


How to get the right people on board to start the business and expand. Read about the Dutch labour market here.

Startup Support

From incubators to accelerators and more. Many facilities exist for startups and scale up in the Netherlands. 


Office space is easy with a large number of co-working spaces.
But how about housing for your staff?

Market Overview

You may have heard about Adyen, Mollie or Flow Traders. But what does the rest of the market look like? 

Join the ecosystem

There are many ways to start, but the best way is still to dive into the waters you want to be, and start swimming.

Tell us what you need

We have built this resource to best help you find your way.
If you need anything else, tell us here.

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