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The European Fintech Navigator (EFN) is the only comprehensive fintech resource of its kind, providing an overview of the European fintech landscape. With an expected total of 800 companies, 17 different countries, 160 investors and 70 supervisors, the EFN crosses verticals to paint a holistic and up to date picture of the players and ecosystems within the financial value chain.

After much consideration we are excited to announce that FinTech Aera in cooperation with Holland Fintech will be updating the second edition of European FinTech Navigator (EFN) from a traditional softcover book to an interactive website. Players within the ecosystem will be able to easily access your company profile, better understand the various sectors of fintech, and find a comprehensive landscape map of fintech in Europe.

These strange times gave us the opportunity to distill the objectives of the European FinTech navigator and reflect on the best way to provide value to our members as well as the entire European community. With the EFN we look to highlight stand out companies like your own, give a much-needed overview of the entire European ecosystem and promote the democratization of financial services through the added transparency of the often fragmented markets throughout Europe.

Holland FinTech and FinTech Aera annually partner with +45 conferences around the world. Many of these conferences have added the ability to go digital if needed and thus corona proofed themselves for whatever Q4 holds and beyond. In doing so they are still able to attract large audiences through digital platforms if physical conferences are not possible in the future. As part of our partnerships we will be promoting the EFN at all partnered conferences- physical or digital. Previously, we were only able to give out the book at local conferences, while it had the desired impact, we think we can do better, and move things to the global arena. This will expand the distribution from around 4.000 books at Money 20/20 in Amsterdam as well as other Dutch even to a distribution of over 20.000 including distribution at Money 20/20 and XFW. The further benefits of this pivot are as follows

o   The ability to constantly update info and provide channels to advertise your company and its current work

o   A corona proof distribution channel that will not be impacted by any further quarantines

o   Ongoing opportunities to market your company on the site which attracts partners of not only Holland FinTech but FinTech Aera as well with more customized ad package options. With the new format, you can now customize your request to better match your budget and objectives.

O Be a part of showing how the financial services community is utilizing sustainable practices while being constantly digitally-forward

[Space has been allocated in the website for sponsored advertisements. These serve as an opportunity for companies to get increased visibility with an international audience. Please note that we have a limited amount of spots available and requests will be processed on first come, first serve basis.]