Dutch FinTech Map

Dutch FinTech Map

About the Dutch FinTech Map

Since 2014, the fintech industry has grown significantly and developed itself from an emerging niche to a well-established industry. At Holland Fintech, we are very proud to have contributed to this development, as we have witnessed our ecosystem growing from a handful of companies working on financial innovation in the Netherlands, to a thriving ecosystem throughout Europe.

Our previous ecosystem infographics have therefore focused on the Holland Fintech ecosystem as a whole, instead of on the Dutch Fintech Market exclusively. In the meantime, the Dutch fintech market has grown into a thriving ecosystem by itself, with hundreds of companies contributing to its development.

Now it is time to shift the focus of our upcoming infographic back to the Dutch market, and showcase the Dutch Fintech Ecosystem in full glory (and in a single visual).

Take a look at the Dutch FinTech Map, 2021 edition. Deadline for requesting changes for participating companies: 1 September 2021. Did you miss this year’s edition? Stay tuned for the upcoming participation announcement in 2022!

A Growing Ecosystem

Infographics over the years
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Call to action to all participants in 2021: Spotted any mistake? do you wish you change your category? submit your request in the form below. Deadline revisions: 1 sep 2021

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