Your organisation is a member of Holland Fintech. That means that there are opportunities for your organisation, but also for you. In this comprehensive guide we will explain how to best make use of the membership, answer most frequently asked questions and most of all, make your membership a valuable journey for you and your colleagues. 

Holland Fintech is an independent membership association representing the Dutch Digital Finance community. It was founded in 2014 with the primary purpose to make finance and technology accessible to all. Holland Fintech connects organisations that are active and or contributing to the financial services industry in the Netherlands and beyond, ranging from start-ups to scale up to financial institutions and professional services firms. Additionally, we collaborate with all relevant stakeholders across Europe to stay in touch with key trends and anticipate future developments. 

As a member you will benefit from the business network & partners, insights in policy & regulations, access to investment capital, talent acquisition & skill development and last but not least the collective brainpower of our community  through an engaging and impactful working-, research-, and event programme. Our motto: Connect, Learn & Innovate

The key to a successful membership is to be an active member. This page outlines several ways in which you can contribute to the evolution of the ecosystem and enjoy the benefits. 


How are you best positioned to contribute to and benefit from Holland Fintech? 


Quick start guide!

☑ Membership sign up complete?
 Company profile complete?
☑ Membership Invoice paid?
Introduce yourself to our Whatsapp group for members
☑ Fill in our survey to specify your needs so we can tailor our communication to you
☑ Have a look at our program for 2024
Invite other colleagues to make use of the membership
Join a working group
☑ Join the LinkedIn Group
☑ Attend Holland FinTech Events
☑ Get in touch with other members / discussions in Whatsapp or on LinkedIn
Share your own news, events and content
Sign up to speak at an event
Give feedback and share ideas for our programming


What can you expect?


What is included in your membership


Furthermore, you are supporting


How to become a part of our events?

Speak: As we have several events, you will have plenty of opportunities to speak. Ranging from pitches at our quarterly meetup to providing insights at a roundtable, or contribution to a unique partner event. Request your speaking slot by sending an email to: events@hollandfintech.com   

Join: As a member of Holland FinTech, you and your colleagues have immediate access to the full spectrum of events on the agenda. The Event Agenda can be found here

Host: We look for members to host events like Meetups, the Annual Member Summit, Work Groups, and events during Amsterdam FinTech Week.  When you host an event, you gain exposure. If you would like to host an event please reach out to us by sending an email to: events@hollandfintech.com 

Co-organize: If you want to organise an event on a specific topic, we would be happy to help you promote it on our platforms, bring the target audience, and help with the registration and check-in processes. Email us to events@hollandfintech.com, to make it happen

Share: If you organise an independent event, we are still very keen to share it with our network. Let us know by sending an email to: marketing@hollandfintech.com and we can invite our network

Sponsor: To explore sponsorship opportunities for our side events (Money 2020 and XFW), please reach out to our Events Team at events@hollandfintech.com. We offer attractive sponsorship packages exclusively for our valued members, ensuring maximum impact for your investment.

Working groups: Working groups are meant to work on a practical topic together with other members from the Holland Fintech memberbase. A selection of companies ranging from consultancy firms to banks, law firms, IT service providers and other relevant expertises are working on a dedicated research project. In 2024, Holland Fintech will start several working groups around the following topics: AI, Cyber Security, Open Banking, DORA, MICA and ESG. If you are interested to be part of such a working group and like to contribute please contact us by sending an email to members@hollandfintech.com 


Flagship Events

Annual Member Summit: This is where we gather the entire memberbase at the beginning of the year so we can share Holland FinTech’s vision and program for the new year.

Amsterdam FinTech Week (XFW): Holland FinTech initiated Amsterdam FinTech Week (XFW) in 2018, to further connect the Amsterdam, Dutch and European Fintech ecosystem. This event takes place each year, providing a week-long program full of fintech focused insights, innovations, new connections, and new initiatives!

FinTech Meets the Regulators: Holland FinTech and our key stakeholders AFM, DNB and Ministry of Finance partner up each year to create FinTech Meets the Regulators. This event is focused on facilitating the discussion between regulators and market participants on relevant topics that need further elaboration and create a thorough understanding of one’s perspectives and goals in the regulated environment. 


Ongoing Events

Meetups: Every quarter we will organise a quarterly meetup at one of our members. Join us to hear interesting pitches from member companies. Play along in the Kahoot quiz (the winner receives a unique Holland Fintech gift), and participate in some good networking afterwards. If you would like to apply as a speaker or host please reach out to our team by sending an email to: events@hollandfintech.com 

Investor-Startup Matchmaking: Every quarter we organise an investor-startup matchmaking event for our members. At these events members of Holland Fintech that are looking for funding can sign-up. We invite our network of investors to evaluate the pitches of the presenting member companies and provide an opportunity to meet your potential investors! You can find the date of our next investor-startup matchmaking event on our events page: https://hollandfintech.com/events/ 

Fintech Insights: If you are new to Fintech or would like to get a quick online update of the latest news from our CEO Don Ginsel you can join one of our 4 Fintech insights sessions in 2024. Especially for new hires and people who are not familiar with Holland Fintech or Fintech in general this event is highly recommended as an introduction. Make it part of your onboarding of new colleagues! Sign up via our events page: https://hollandfintech.com/events/.

Event Co-organization: We are always keen on hearing ideas from our members and working together to create impactful events. When you have an idea, you can send an email to events@hollandfintech.com to discuss. 


Event Promotion 



If you would like to share a newsworthy item, launch of a new product or service, have a request for us please let our marketing team know by sending an email to: marketing@hollandfintech.com. We will include your item in the next newsletter and help you get your word out to the right audience.



Q1: What is the primary purpose of Holland FinTech, and how does it support its members?

Answer: Holland FinTech is an independent membership association founded in 2014 with the primary purpose of making finance and technology accessible. It connects organisations in the Dutch Digital Finance community, offering benefits such as a business network, insights into policy and regulations, access to investment capital, talent acquisition and skill development, and the collective brainpower of the community.

Q2: How can members actively contribute to and benefit from their membership?

Answer: To contribute and benefit from Holland FinTech, members are encouraged to join our events, involve relevant colleagues, share their goals, actively participate in workgroups, provide feedback and ideas, and share their capabilities, insights, and learnings with the network. Being an active member is key to maximising the benefits of the membership.

Q3: What are the key steps for a quick start after joining as a member?

Answer: After joining, members should ensure membership sign-up is complete, company profile is updated, membership invoice is paid, and introduce themselves to the WhatsApp group for members. They should also invite colleagues, join work groups, connect on LinkedIn, attend events, and share news and content with the community. Got lost on this way? email us to members@hollandfintech.com and we will help you to make your experience as smooth as possible

Q4: How can members participate in events organised by Holland FinTech?

Answer: Members have various opportunities to engage with events, including speaking at quarterly meetups, providing insights at roundtables, contributing to unique partner events, and hosting events. Members can request speaking slots, join events directly, host events to gain exposure, and even explore sponsorship opportunities for side events like Money 2020 and XFW.

Q5: What are the flagship events organised by Holland FinTech, and how can members get involved?

Answer: The flagship events include the Annual Member Summit, Amsterdam FinTech Week (XFW), and FinTech Meets the Regulators. Members can participate by attending, hosting events during Amsterdam FinTech Week, or exploring sponsorship opportunities. These events offer valuable insights, connections, and initiatives for the Fintech ecosystem.

Q6: What ongoing events and channels are available for members to stay engaged with the Holland FinTech community?

Answer: Holland FinTech organises ongoing events such as quarterly meetups, event co-organization opportunities, and event promotions. Members can stay connected through channels like the Holland FinTech member WhatsApp group, social media platforms (LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram), newsletters, vacancy pages, and an online event platform.

Q7: How can members contribute to and access the collective knowledge within the Holland FinTech community?

Answer: Members are encouraged to actively share their insights, capabilities, and learnings to enhance the knowledge available in the network. They can engage in discussions on platforms like WhatsApp and LinkedIn, contribute to workgroups, and participate in knowledge-sharing activities organised by Holland FinTech.

Q8: How does Holland FinTech stay updated on key trends and anticipate future developments in the financial services industry?

Answer: Holland FinTech collaborates with all relevant stakeholders across Europe to stay in touch with key trends and anticipate future developments in the financial services industry. Members can benefit from this collaborative approach by participating in discussions, events, and programs that provide insights into the ever-evolving landscape of finance and technology.

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