Getting started in the Netherlands

Getting started in the Netherlands

Getting started in fintech has never been this easy. We have gather all resources for you to find your way, whether you are Dutch founder or aim toi expand your business from abroad, this is for you. So if you want to have a good understanding of the key player, rules and support you can get, it’s all here. This a comprehensive resouce to help you find you way and connect to the relevant parties or information.

In general the Dutch fintech ecosystem is know to thrive in Payments and e-commerce related financial services, capital markets trading and banking platforms. Crypto enthusiast, data analytics and development skills mixed with an entrepreneriel mindset, create a perfect space for starting and growing fintech businesses. The tough but respectable regulators, enable you expand your licenses in other juridictions, like the EU fairly easily. And the tech savvy and Engish proficient population of the Netherlands, make a great testing ground for new solutions.

This guide will help you find your way throughout legal, financial, commercial and operational challenges. Use the links below to read about each subject, or connect to any of the supporting parties as listed.

Relevant Members

Cognito Media
Startupbootcamp Fintech & Cybersecurity

Parties you need to know

Invest in Holland
the National platform for setting up business in the Netherlands

the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency

ROM Regio Utrecht
the Utrecht regional investment agency

The Hague & Partners
the Den Haag regional investment agency

Amsterdam in Business
the Amsterdam regional investment agency

Rotterdam Partners
the Rotterdam regional investment agency

Relevant Resources
General information about the Netherlands
General information about the Dutch government
Information for expats

Gives extensive guidance on moving to the Netherlands

Data reportal
Datareport on digitization in the Netherlands, with good statistics

the Dutch bureau for statistics, with useful datasets

Relevant News sources
News from Dutch resources, in English

Dutch news in English

Holland Fintech Newsletter
Stay up to date about Dutch (and global) fintech news

Relevant Events

Money20/20 Europe
Banking, Payments – Amsterdam – June – around 7000 attendees

Amsterdam Fintech Week
Fintech – Amsterdam – September – around 500 attendees 

Insurance – Amsterdam – June – around 1000 attendees

Holland Fintech Meetup
Fintech – every 2nd Friday of the month – 50 – 100 attendees