Company Size
11-50 Employees
Veenendaal, The Netherlands
About Minox
Despite being a 1983 fintech (!) we have a start-up culture that fosters innovation and co-creation. Our accounting software is known for its user friendliness and easy collaboration between accountant and client. Customer centricity is in our DNA.
Product / Service Description
Minox offers innovative cloud accounting software to SME's and accounting firms. USP's are robotic accounting, superior UX and flexible collaboration. RCSFI (Reference Classification System of Financial Information) is integrated in our software. Use of RCSFI helps accountants improve service delivery to their clients: administering accounts is more efficient since all accounts are referenced to a standard classification. Compilation of reports is more efficient due to the connection between the RCSFI and SBR, and so on..
Solution Description
We developed the 'Accounting Connected' platform to enable tailored collaboration between accountants and SME's. The high level of automation and connectedness results in hyper-efficiency, speed and actionable insights.
Customer Type
SME's‎, Startups‎
Primary Markets
Primary Countries
Primary Sector
Data Analytics & Administration
Products Offered
Accountancy‎, Administration‎ Solutions
Customers & Distribution
Tech Platforms/Solutions
Suppliers & Partners
Alternative Finance, Banks, Data Analytics & Administration, Invoice & Credit Management, Payments, Talent & Recruitment
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