German Digital Matchmaking

German Digital Matchmaking

German Digital Matchmaking

Ranked second in Europe for investments into financial technology startups, Germany drew in a total of $1.3bn of venture funding in 2019 and is Europe’s second largest fintech hub after the UK. With Berlin emerging as a centre for financial technology, and Frankfurt as a major financial hub in Europe, Germany is home to the European Central Bank, Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt Stock Exchange and 85 multinational banking headquarters.

Seemingly an opportune place for fintechs to start up business, Holland FinTech, The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Netherlands Business Support Office Frankfurt have partnered together again, following the “Fintech Opportunities in Germany” webinar that took place earlier in the year. In this webinar, we discussed the current state of the Germany market with case studies from fintech companies that have set up in Germany, and shared views of the future.

Now we are gearing up, we want to offer you the opportunity to present your fintech solution, and yourself, to the German ecosystem! We are inviting you to participate in our German Digital Matchmaking initiative.


If you are an ambitious and smart fintech/insurtech solution provider, interested in expanding into the German market, we want to hear from you! We’d like to provide you with the opportunity to digitally pitch your business, to investors and peers from high level financial institutions and corporates based in Germany, to assist you on your journey to growth!

What To Expect?

  • First, you are required to fill out an application form before 30th September.
  • If you are approved, we will contact you to set-up a preparation session before you pitch (taking place 3rd November).
  • Finally, you will digitally pitch your company (taking place 17th November).

The deadline for applications has passed. 

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