Company Size
1001-5000 Employees
Amsterdam, Netherlands
About Between Staffing Group BV
Between has over 18 years of experience in finding and contracting temporary staff.
Product / Service Description
Between offers a balanced range of services, including search (match-making), exchange of knowledge and advice (controlling the hiring process, benchmarking), contract management, Managed Services, vendor management, in-house structures, and payrolling. Between takes care of the entire end-to-end staffing process.
Solution Description
Between sticks to its vision to always opt for complete market access for clients with equal chances for everyone. In short: the right person, at the right place, and at the right time.
Widening the scope across borders this new production will not only include the Dutch fintech scene but highlight developments on a European level as well.
Discover new potential partners to work with, find out more about certain companies and get new ideas for your business.

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