Company Size
11-50 Employees
Haarlem, Netherlands
About Evidos
‘Evidos’ stands for Evidence in Online Services, that is to say being secure while operating on the internet.
Product / Service Description
We have been THE platform for electronic signatures and electronic identification for over ten years now. Our solutions allow you to conduct your business on the internet quickly, safely and in a legally valid manner, enabling faster and more efficient delivery of your products and services.
Solution Description
We aim to provide the same level of authentication for online transactions as for transactions made in the real world. When you conduct business on the internet, it is vital that you know who you are dealing with. Electronic transactions must have the same legal value as transactions conducted on paper.
Customer Type
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Widening the scope across borders this new production will not only include the Dutch fintech scene but highlight developments on a European level as well.
A source for consulting PSD2 legislation coupled with commentary, tips & tricks, and applicability

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