Company Size
501-1000 Employees
Utrecht, Netherlands
About Keylane
Keylane is a leading European supplier of modern, customer-centric, SaaS software to the insurance and pension industry. Keylane empowers the insurance and pension industry to transform their business and achieve their goals through innovative solutions that redefine how insurance software works. Over 150 customers across Benelux, Nordics and DACH regions run their business on Keylane platforms.
Product / Service Description
Insurance and pension companies have to deal with ever increasing customer expectations and disruptive newcomers that redefine the marketplace. At the same time, they have to keep their focus on sales and profitability, while they struggle to comply with ever changing rules and regulations. The only way to differentiate in this dynamic market is to anticipate and adapt to shifting circumstances quickly, offer high quality services and keep up with technology development. Keylane’s end-to-end standard solutions for non-life, life and pension help you to improve your digital capabilities, accelerate your time to market and adapt to market requirements quickly. On a secure cloud platform that seamlessly integrates with your own application landscape. Keylane helps you to build a digital platform across all your channels delivering the business agility needed for a truly customer centric approach. Giving you and your partners the opportunity to better understand your customers, spot opportunities and risks in time and help every customer in the best possible way. Whether you operate in different countries, work with various currencies or are organised in multiple business units or companies, we support your business with one integrated software platform.
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