Company Size
1-10 Employees
Amsterdam, Netherlands
About Satellite Moving Devices Group B.V. We are a technology development firm with multi-national experience in disciplines which range from cloud and telecommunications infrastructure design, to fintech. We have a founding team with a strong telecommunications background, formerly from companies such as Ericsson A.B. and we have mentors and advisors from the banking, payments and settlements space. In January of 2019, we were selected for the Startupbootcamp Commerce Amsterdam accelerator programme for pioneering fintech work with our project. As of July 2019, Satellite Moving Devices Group is headquartered in The Netherlands as a global leader in technology ecosystems innovation. Our business model is simple: we earn through Intellectual Property licensing to our affiliates, who use our technologies in key customer-facing systems worldwide. We have self-funded the development of to date and currently have several LoI’s signed with industry partners. We plan to start our first paid pilot for a market of over 31 million users in December 2019.
Product / Service Description
About is universal Transaction Infrastructure as a Service [TIaaS], designed to enable simple global financial infrastructure, which will empower billions of people to transact in any currency, from anywhere on earth and at any time. We are rewriting the rules that underpin money and payments to make it cheaper, faster and much more convenient for everyone, to move and exchange value.
Solution Description
The future will be tokenized and it will no longer matter what currency or store of value is used during a transaction. It will be all about the network which most effectively exchanges that value. is that network. It represents a philosophical shift in the way money and commerce in general will be viewed.
This infographic gives an overview of how the different sectors within the ecosystem are positioned in the financial services value chain.
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